Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Pickle Poem

I was bored and perhaps a bit hyper today, so I wrote this odd little poem.


Everyone’s a pickle, and you are a sweet one, and I’m pretty crunchy but that is a okay.

Cause pickles are so crunchy so it’s so sweet to be one and we can both be green and have lots of warts.

Cause everyone are pickles and this is why that’s great. Cause everyone looks funny and also very straight!

If everyone were cucumbers, then I’d be a pickle! And I’ll tell you why. I different, you see.

But everyone are pickles and so that can’t happen, but that is fine with me, as long as we’re all green.

Oh, cause everyone are pickles and that’s a lot of fun, cause we can stay together in a refrigerator drawer.

And your so sweet, but some are sour. Some smell bad, but that can’t be helped. Cause pickles are pickles and everyone is green. Even though a pickle is covered in slime.

I once met a pickle, he said his name was Georgey. He said lots of things, but they all started with P.

Cause he was odd, and we are all odd too. Cause we are all pickles and that’s just what we do.

A pickle is so dangerous, it can be very big. If a pickle is dropped it’s gonna squish your toe. I witnessed it happen, a long time ago. All I have to say, is poor Mr. Poe.

There are many types of pickles, and I’ve met every one. Some are fat and juicy, and some are small and old.

But everyone’s a pickle, and that’s the honest truth. There’s one small problem, and that’s that we don’t have ears.

The pickles keep disappearing, and I don’t know where they’re going. They seem to fly away, and are never seen again.

Right before they’re gone, we hear a big crunch, I have no idea what it is, but it sounds painful.

Cause everyone’s a pickle, and I think that’s very great. Pickles are healthy, except those that are out of shape.

I think I’m gonna leave, because I am so scared. I don’t want to end up, in a stomach somewhere.

I left the refrigerator, but I didn’t get that far, I was picked up off the floor, and then I heard the crunch!


Hope you like it. :)