Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Busy Day

Today was hectic. First we went to the temple, I'm LDS, by the way, then right after we got home we went to a luau, which was fun. There was a pig there that we got to watch the little kids chase.

I have a horrible headache today, I got it when, changing my earrings, I found a lump behind my ear. As soon as I touched the lump I got a headache, and the lump has been hurting too. I have no idea what it is or where I would have gotten it.

My dad listens to this really obnoxious music in his car that is loud and pounding. I've been riding in his car a lot today, so that may have contributed to the headache.

I was thinking today about life, as I often do, and I decided that I wanted to experience a lot of things. I want to go skydiving, even though I'm afraid of heights. I want to travel to all seven continents. I want to be a famous author, that people will write fanfictions after my books. I want to learn many languages, so while traveling the world, I can speak to the natives. I want to have my name in history books.

I want people in the future to say, "This person was a great example. I want to be just like her!" I want to find true love. I want become a great pianist, I'm already on my way, five years of lessons! I want to have children. I want to learn.

That's why I'm the big dreamer.

I tend to worry a lot, but all of the worrying is unrealistic. I imagine bad things happening that almost couldn't happen. I do this all in my head. I imagine 'what would happen if...' to my own life. I think all the time about lots of stuff. Most of it not worth thinking about.

My whole family, just my siblings and parents, are getting together for a potluck. I was thinking about it and imagined this scene:

Ginanne, me, and Lydia are arguing over something. Michael suddenly jumps in at something that Ginanne brought up. Mom and dad are yelling at all of us because we are ruining the get together. Jaspenelle and Jordan (my siblings spouses) are standing there, both holding a baby, staring in shock.

Lydia gets fed up and runs out of the house in a fit. We never see her again. I am crying and Michael finally grabs his wife and son and leaves, saying that he doesn't want to see us again. Ginanne and Jordan kick my parents and I out of the house. Our family falls apart.

I know, with absolute certainty that the scene above couldn't possible happen. So why do I think of it and worry? No idea. That's my life. I'm crazy, I know.

I guess that's about all for today then,
~The Big Dreamer~