Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Future

I was thinking today about what people from the future would think about my house. Like, say the house is deserted for some reason, then it is discovered 3000 years into the future. What would they think of it?

They’d see my laptop and say, “Whoa! It’s and antique!” and then put it in a museum. Or like a bag of cereal on the counter. “They actually ate this stuff?” Or the old piano, “I can’t imagine trying to play an old thing like this!”

What would be their reaction to clothes we wear or some of the technology they found? It’s like us today discovering things in ancient times. Trying to guess what things are for, and how they are made.

It’s odd to think about, really.

Seminary was fun today, several people fell asleep. I didn’t win the daily prize today. I usually do, so they have started to call me “Lucky” even though I didn’t win today.

I had a good idea for a story about a little girl that finds a magical world, that only she can see. I know, it’s not very original, but it will have some original points in it. I’ll probably post it on fictionpress when it is finished.

Today in Spanish I spent quite awhile playing the games and earning money to add to my avatar. I've decided that I need to learn Spanish better so I'm going to use it more in everyday life, saying things in Spanish rather then English. The farther along I get the less people will understand me though. Only dad, because he speaks Spanish too.

My homeroom teacher has a really long hard name so she told everyone to call her Mrs. C. Now I have a Mr. D and a Mrs. C as teachers.

Mrs. C, lives in Seattle, but her husband is a pilot so she can fly over here when our class has face to face meetings.

A girl in home is named Aubrey. She is a freshman like me and so I want to meet her. I don't know what classes she is taking, though.

I guess that is it. Adios,
~The Big Dreamer~