Thursday, February 12, 2009

School, Piano, Friends, and Seminary

A lot has happened since ten days ago. For one, I started school again. I have a new subject. WA state History. It's fun...okay not so much, but the teacher for it is my newest favorite teacher. Mrs. Pleasant. Her name fits her personality. There are several field trips to the Capital of the state or museums of history that she has planned. I'm still trying to convince mom to let me attend those since it'll probably be an overnight trip if I do go.

Wednesday, the fourth, I attended New Beginning's. It was spiritual. The theme was "Worth of a Soul." All the young women brought a pair of shoes that meant something to us to represent our "soles." I brought mom's temple shoes, because they were the ones she got sealed to dad in and made our family sealed together.

I have, so far, avoided being the young womans official piano player, but I fear that is coming to an end. Last dance, I accidentally let it out that I've been playing the piano for nine years now, and Bro. McKinney gave me a few weeks to learn some hymns. Last week I got out of it because of New's Beginning's and yesterday we got there a little bit late, so there was no need for me to play. Unfortunately, next week, I'm pretty sure I'll be playing. The last month I've been trying to learn as many hymns as possible, but I have only four down, out of the twelve I've been practicing. Only two of those, I might feel safe accompanying someone singing. I don't mind accompanying them once, but I know that once I play the first time, they'll get me to play for church and mutual until I graduate from Young Womans, something I really don't want to do. All well, at least I'm getting some hymns down.

In other piano news, my music fest pieces are coming along well, I'm pretty excited to play at music fest in a few months. Just today at lessons, my teacher gave me a new book of Disney songs, but they are like rewrites of them, making them different. That'll just add another thing to practice during the week, making my practice time go up to 90 minutes a day...maybe more. I don't mind though, I love playing the piano. It's one of those things I can do while letting my mind wander, on the songs I've got down well anyway.

I'm really excited for the dance Saturday night, I'm not really sure why, I don't usually get so excited about dances. Maybe it's the fact that's it's on Valentine's Day? Or perhaps that I'm just excited to be around people I can actually talk to face to face. I have friends from school, but I only know names and personalities, not faces. It's kind of frustrating sometimes. I did find a couple of them on facebook though...

I am currently working on a new story...LOST. I actually wrote it a few years ago, and just recently found it again. I rewrote it and Part One is posted on my site if you want to read it.

I'm really tired lately...staying up late (though not on purpose. I try to go up to bed at around 9:30, but then Lydia comes up at around 10:00 and wakes me from my dozing to chatter about her pets on chickensmoothie or kugyay. And then after that, we are both too hyper and talking about random nonsense until I finally get sick of her and start reading around 11:30 to calm myself down again. Then, I usually get caught up in the book and don't get to sleep until around 1:00 :P ) and getting up at 5:15 in the morning for seminary just doesn't seem to agree with me.

On the subject on Seminary, Sis.Smiley hands out a lot of fake money for prizes...and she seems to like me a lot. At the moment, I am the richest fake money holder in the class at $1,186. Everyone else is down around $500 at average. I win the daily prizes and get there early every day, which gets me about double the amount of everyone else by itself. My fellow students have unofficially banned me from saying prayer, reading scriptures, giving devotional, winning games, answering questions, or anything else that will give me any money. It's kind of hard, as I am a good reader, so Sis. Smiley calls on me often to read verses out loud.

Anyway, that's all I can think to write for now. Until next time,
~The Big Dreamer~

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bedroom Cleaning

I worked on cleaning my room today. Notice I said worked, not completed it. Yea, I'm still only about half done with my room and I've already spent three hours on it. It looks like a construction zone since I got fed up with it and ditched it for now. I'll finish it tomorrow and Wednesday, since I have both of those days off of school as well.

So far, in my bedroom, I have found: A slinky I hadn't seen in years, two and a half loads of laundry, a bunch of school projects from when I was still in public school (they almost made me cry. I do miss all my old friends sometimes), two bags of unidentifiable goop (I think one might have been trail mix at one time because it was squishy and brown. The other was blue. Don't ask me how that came to be), four separate uncompleted decks of cards, two packets of bubble gum, three cat toys, five candy canes, two more unfinished stories, a lot of broken toys, and a ton of garbage. That is only about half the stuff in my room that I've attempted to pick up. How did my room get that messy without me knowing?

Anyway, my room is going to look better than it ever has before once I'm finished with it. The closet will finally be cleaned out completely(I don't think that's happened since I was a toddler), the walls will be decorated (maybe I can get mom to repaint them a better color than they are now) the room will be organized and neat. Then, I'm going to see how long it will stay that way. I'm guessing a month, at the very most.

Anyway, me and my very unorganized self are going to sign out.
See ya,
~The Big Dreamer~

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well my birthday was fun. They completely forgot about it in Seminary, but I was sung to on Thursday, so it was all good. We went to see Inkheart. It was pretty good but a lot was changed from the book. That was disappointing, but they pretty much do that with every movie so what can I say?

I finally got a facebook account, because Meagan insisted. It was also because the Payne family moved away and with several members of their family with facebook accounts, I might be able to keep in touch.

Today I searched through the house looking for some old stories that I had written a while ago. I found a couple, although not the one I was searching for in the first place, but all well. Anyway, so I'll work on getting those typed up and edited and they'll soon be posted on my site.

I guess that's all that is new. Till next time,
~The Big Dreamer~