Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Another Day

Today was like any other day, slow. I had my P.E. orientation though, so I'll have to start exercising again. Since I have a test in Spanish tomorrow, today I played a whole bunch of review games and learned some of Spanish culture. Today it was Mexico City. Mexico City is like New York City, Hollywood, and Washington D.C. all mixed up in one. It's about as big as that as well, being the biggest city on North America.

Anyway, I started another story, inspired by Lydia. It's about horses, just for her. The horses are magical and live in tribes and such. It's what happens when they get in a big war.

So in Seminary this morning, we did a scripture mastery contest thing. Each team was given some paper and we had to design a poster or picture that would help us memorize the scripture we were assigned. After that, each person voted, they weren't aloud to vote for their own one, and the picture with the most votes won.

My team lost. We got one vote out of fifteen, and that was only because someone had pity on us. I thought we did a good job on the poster too. The one that won didn't make any sense at all either.

They shared their winnings with my team though, because my whole team voted for the winning poster, that's why they won.

I have to write a memoir for LAC (Literary Analysis and Composition) and I have no idea what to write it on. I don't have a memory that is life changing for me. It is due next Friday so I guess I have a week to think.

I found a new quote that I like. It is "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly." by Langston Hughes.

That is all that happened today. Adios,
~The Big Dreamer~