Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Very Weird Family

My members of my family are very weird. That's what I was thinking about today.

Dad decided to play a sort of a prank on us this morning. We went out to go to Seminary and we couldn't find the car. We looked around a bit and finally spotted it. It was in the dog's reach, where neither me or mom will go. Dad had to come and back it out so we could go.I still made it to Seminary on time, though.

Mom was picking her nose this morning, I know strange. Usually you do that in private, not driving on the way to Seminary.

Lydia, well, she's strange in every aspect of her life. She's half cat,I swear. Always running around on hands and knees.

I am the last weird person in our family. Today in Seminary, a stinkbug landed on me. I calmly looked down and just flicked it off, not even thinking about it. If I were at home and a stinkbug landed on me I would have started screaming. I guess I can hide my expressions very well in public.

I started Biology today. It sounds like it'll be a fun class from what I did today.

Stewart must be a common last name. Today in English, we were having a discussion and I noticed that there were three Stewart's there. Me, a Johanna, and a Ashleigh. We all have the last name of Stewart.

Lydia and mom got in a fight again. I always thought it was weird that Lydia always acts so much more teenagerish than me. And yes, I know teenagerish is not a word.

I have good news! My laptop is up and running again! It is so much easier to type now that I have it back. I have all my fanfiction stories and such back too. I can start working on them again. All my readers will be happy.

I guess that is all for now. Till next time,
~The Big Dreamer~