Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Very Smelly Day

All day today, mom was making and canning relish. The house really stinks of relish now. I hate relish and this is worse than then the store bought stuff.

I got done with school work way early today. I was done at 11:00. I still need to put more hours in, but I really don't care about the hours.I just want to get the work done.

In Finding Your Path today I took a test to see what career I'd be good at. The top choice was a Historian, followed by a photojournalist. They are both boring jobs to me. I want to be a marine biologist, not a historian. I hate reading history, and if I become a historian I'll be the one writing the books, no doubt.

Also, when we looked at our career, we had to choose a college that we could learn the job from. The nearest college to choose was in Arizona. I don't want to go to Arizona. I'd like to go to B.Y.U. Hawaii, actually.

Going through all this college stuff and learning how much it takes to get in and trying to find a successful career is changing my mind about wanting to go to college. I wanted to go to college before to become a marine biologist, but what is the use of going to all that work if I'm not going to be successful in that field of work?

I seem to be very lucky. In Seminary, I have won the daily drawing almost every single time. Only twice, I haven't. I wonder why I keep winning.

Also, my friendship with Shannon is growing. We were laughing and talking, like real friends do. I love Seminary because I got a new friend out of it. Hopefully she will be a good friend.

This year the church isn't putting on a Halloween party so me and Lydia have decided to put one on ourselves. I don't even know how to start planning it though. I also need to make my costume, if mom will help. We're both really busy and I don't think it'll get done.

One of my goals I have lately decided to have is to be able to play some hymns on the piano, and then learn to play them on the organ. The only problem is that I don't want to practice them in front of people. Whenever I practice the piano, mom and Lydia are always around. If they weren't there I'd practice. Even if only Lydia were there and mom were gone I think I would practice them.

I guess I'm done writing now,
~The Big Dreamer~