Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Bunch of Random Thoughts

Today my parents went to some sort of business meeting, so since I had piano lessons, I had to do my school work at my dad's office. I couldn't do my Spanish because the computer didn't work and I have a assignment that has to be turned in that I can only do at home.

It's tiring, but school is fun. I had a test today in Biology and passes, but only barely.

If America is a free country, what are all the other country's like? I've always wondered how they are so different because they seem to be just as free as America.

Seminary was canceled today. I've been tired all day from it. Lydia's mad as well because she didn't get the usual Dum-Dum that Sis. Smiley hands out.

Last Christmas I found the song "Carol of the Bells" and decided to try to learn it. by the time I got to it, however, Christmas was over. So, I'm bringing the music to piano lessons today and hopefully Christy will help me learn it. Maybe I'll even play it at the Recital.

Why aren't cars ever yellow? I've seen cars of all other colors, except yellow. Some were close to yellow, but they still have a greenish tint. I've strangest color car I've seen was bright neon green. That's the closest I've seen to yellow.

There's this fruity smell that won't seem to leave me alone. I smell it everywhere but I don't wear perfume or anything that is fruity. It must be me that smells that way, since it's always around, but I don't know what it is.

I learned that cellphones give you cancer today. That's pretty much everything, now. We should all just sit at home and be hermits, just so we won't get sick from cancer, although there are plenty of people who use cellphones and microwaves and hairdryers that don't get cancer.

I think I want to be an author when I grow up. My mom gave me this idea of when I want to story to be in a male point of view to put my first name as an initial and use my middle name. My middle name is a guys name, so it would sound as if a man were writing it.

Also, she said to use my maiden name as my author's name and use my married name everywhere else, that way my family is protected but people who know me still know who wrote the book.

Plus, my name is a perfect name to be on a book, or even in a book. It just has a cool ring to it.

Anyway, that's enough blabbering. So long,
~The Big Dreamer~