Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Family Photo

Today was boring. It started with a normal Seminary class, then we went home and did school work. The internet went out so I didn't get my school work done until around two O' clock today. It gave me more hours though.

I started Spanish. It's really fun. It's all online and you get to play games, which earns you virtual money, which you can buy stuff for your avatar with. I've made my avatar look like Haley Potter. I've already started learning the actual language as well. I know a whole bunch of basic phrases.

Mutual was canceled. We drove to the church to find that everyone was outside. Apparently, the kitchen was being remodeled and the whole place stank. They will probably cancel Seminary tomorrow too.

I found out when my Christmas piano recital is now. December 15th. I have around three months to prepare. My favorite style of music to play is like a jazzy blues type. Christy (the teacher) is going to try to find a Christmas song in that style for me to play. I wonder if I need to have it memorized or not?

I read about joining the military in Finding Your Path today. It sounds like it might be fun, but I don't think it would be a good choice for me.

My mom hung up the family pictures today. The one of me is actually cute. Michael and Jaspenelle's picture is the best. In Justin and Heather's picture, Heather isn't smiling. It is hard to get a picture of her in which she is smiling. In Ginanne and Jordan's picture, Emily is crying.

The coolest picture, though, is the one below.

This gets our whole family with my niece in the middle. I call it the ring of family. It reminds me of a quote I heard once. "Put the name of the person you love in a circle, not a heart, because a heart can be broken but a circle goes round and round forever." This is cool because the photo represents the way our family will love each other forever.