Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twilight and Gingerbread House

Yesterday and today have been fun. Yesterday we got the first real snow of the season, and now there is a couple of inches on the ground. That's exciting, also we went and saw Twilight last night. It was really good. Lydia, who refuses to read the books, liked it, but she didn't get all the subtle points on it that mom and I got because we have read the books. I still think that Jacob is better than Edward though. Even in the movie he was cuter. We all agreed that Bella in the movie looks and acts just like Heather, her real name is Kristen Stewart too.

Today we are building our gingerbread house for the WAVA competition. The theme is 'Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go,' so we have to make a river and a forest and then grandmother's house, that is the actual house of the piece. We even have a sleigh with a horse made of clay stuff that is following the path. It is looking good so far and I'm excited about the contest. I'll have to post some pictures when it's finished.

The vocab words for Spanish this week is food, so every time I do Spanish I'm talking about the different sorts of fruit, vegetables, and meat, making me hungry. It's fun, but annoying at the same time.

Also, I read a book yesterday about personal responsibility, but it was more for businesses, so it was kind of strange. I finished it in less than an hour. It talked about asking 'What' or 'How' rather than 'Why', 'When', or 'Who' when you see things that need to be done.

There is this quote that I found the other day that says 'All people dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.' -T.E. Lawrence

That's it,
~The Big Dreamer~

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today for Thanksgiving, the Baloughs came up from down the hill and are joining us since none of my older siblings are coming. Right now we are watching Stuart Little with Sarah, who is eight years old. It's a little strange to have an eight year old hanging around the house today.

I haven't had the opportunity to write at all since I've been trying to catch up with my schoolwork. I'm pretty sure that some of my readers are mad at me because of that.

I heard this song played on the piano that was a medley of five Disney songs that was so cool. I want to find the music for that song and learn it, but it is like seven minutes long, with five songs combined. All I know about it is that it is by Alan Tripp, but I can't find it anywhere.

My piano recital is in two weeks, and I don't even have the song memorized. I'm not even prepared, so I'm so nervous about it. The song is probably the longest that I've tried to memorize, being four pages long. I'll probably end up playing it out of the book.

I'm excited to eat dinner at 2:00 because I'm hungry and I've been smelling the food cooking since yesterday morning. It smells so good, but Thanksgiving dinner always does.

I'm gonna go eat now,
~The Big Dreamer~

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Trip

It's been a long time since I last posted. Nothing much has happened, except that since I last posted, I have been sick with a cold. It just barely disappeared on Friday, but I still have a slight cough.

Sister Romero was in a car crash, but no one was injured, she's just sore. In mutual she kept staring off into space and claimed it was from the crash. There was supposed to be a planning meeting for mutual, but we didn't get much accomplished because everyone was way to hyper, or at least the laurels. The Mia maids just sat at the back of the room, watching in amusement at them. Brianne and Elizabeth got into a fight which included Brianne fake crying, Elizabeth getting slapped, and the two of them getting into a wrestling match. It was interesting to say the least.

Wednesday, when I went to the library, I got both the third Eragon book, and the third Inkheart book, two of my favorite series. Unfortunately, The third Eragon book is so thick that even though I literally read it all day Thursday and then all day Saturday, I'm still only half way through. It's going to take forever to finish reading them, since I don't have very much free time anymore. I would read them at night, but I'm out of the habit of reading into the early hours of the morning, like I used to, not to mention that Seminary is way to early to stay up late reading.

On Thursday, my family left really early to travel to Logan, Utah to go to Becky's wedding. I read the whole time, which I'm pretty sure frustrated Lydia, because she was bored and was always bugging me.

We spent the night at a hotel in Logan. The next day, we went to the temple to see Becky get married. The Logan temple is so pretty. It looks so much like a castle and I have now put it on the list of temples that I'd consider to get married in.

Becky was so pretty and I really liked her dress. After we left the temple, we went and ate at Golden Corral. There was a lot of little kids running around and screaming. It gave me a headache, but I didn't mind to much.

After that, we traveled to Pocatello where we went to Grandma's house and talked for a few hours until the reception. The reception was decorated beautifully. On the other hand, when me, Chalise, Tice, Lydia, and several other boys went out to decorate Becky's car, I found out that the boys have absolutely no skill in decorating cars. They must not have very much experience.

After the reception we went back to Grandma's house and spent the night there. We left the next morning and traveled all day back home. I spent most of the day reading and, once again, Lydia tried to get me to stop. I eventually did and fell asleep again.

We stopped at one of the gas stations and I found a good pair of dolphin earrings that I had to buy. They are my new favorite earrings, since I love dolphins and all.

We got home late and immediately went to bed.

Today in church, Meagan and I were amused by Kati and Michael bickering back and forth. I swear one day that they will end up married by the way they are acting. Meagan was near bursting, because she went and saw Twilight the opening night and I hadn't seen it yet, so it was banned. Kati hadn't seen it either, but surprisingly enough, Michael did go and see it. He said he liked it too.

Anyway, I am now really behind in schoolwork, since I took the vacation. I am not looking forward to tomorrow and having to catch up. I'm going to have to do double the work for the whole week,trying to catch up.

The fireside I attending tonight was great. The speaker, Brother McKinney, is a good speaker. The subject was choices and Brother McKinney spoke about his experience in the army, and all the choices he had to make with that. In between stories, he had Conner, Elizabeth, and EJ sing hymns that related to the talk. It was really good, and the treats afterward were good too. Ann is funny. She was pigging out on brownies, including shoving a whole brownie in her mouth, making it so she couldn't
talk. She and the other Ann keep having contests of who can eat the most.

Oh, and Grandma, I'll try to work on my stories and get them updated as soon as possible for you.

I think that's everything,
~The Big Dreamer~

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

EFY and YWiE

A lot has happened since I last posted. I've just been busy, I guess. On Saturday I went to EFY. I went with dad several hours early and helped set up. EFY itself was good. The first speaker talked about repentence, and at the end of his talk he sang a song that he wrote that was really touching. I admit it, I teared up a bit. The second speaker was good too, she's a little crazy though, I think. She spoke on praying and shared how to always get answers to your prayers, and how to get good grades. The third speaker was the best in my opinion. I'm not sure what his topic was. Maybe it was being an example, but anyway, he compared teenagers to chickens. He was a bit odd. He said how we should all be an example to those we are around. He talked about the pecking order as well.

After we ate dinner, Stacia and her mom decided we should go get ice cream, so we headed out to their car. Stacia started the car, but then closed the door with them still locked. The car was running and there was no way to get in. I'll just say this: She's a blond.

The dance was interesting. Neither Katie nor Meagan was around during the dance, so I didn't really have any one to hang around that I knew. I danced a lot more than at regular dances, I suppose that's because there were more boys. I've decided that I'm not going to marry anyone that lives anywhere near here, because they are all idiots. Every single one I danced with were immature. For example, one of the guys asked which school I attended and I replied that I was home schooled. He stared at me for a few moments, then started laughing and didn't stop the whole rest of the time we were dancing. I see no way that being home schooled is funny. He was a bad dancer too.

Then there was this other guy, I swear he was stalking me. He was staring at me nearly the whole time. He didn't even ask me to dance or anything, just stared.

Anyway, it was altogether quite fun.

Monday night, I had a strange dream. I used to have strange dreams like it when I was in public school. Now that I'm in high school, it's starting up again. I suppose it's probably stress causing me to have the odd dreams. Anyway, the dream was about a horse loving zombie that nearly killed me. In fact, I get almost killed in a lot of my dreams. It's strange, really. I once had this dream that me, mom, Lydia, Ginanne, and Emily were all shopping in the mall and I suddenly heard this loud boom, like a gunshot, then suddenly every thing went black. It was really freaky.

This morning, as it's veteran's day, I got off of Seminary. I still woke up at 5:30 though, because that's the time I always get up. I stayed in bed for another two and a half hours reading though, I got my book half finished. I've been busy lately and haven't had the time to relax and read. It was good to spend several hours reading a good book.

Tonight was Young Women in Excellence. The theme was stars, so we all dressed in blue and the room had lots of cool decorations. We had a nice dinner, then we had to sing. I was singing a solo. It was scary. I swear I was horrible when I was up there singing, but afterward I got so many complements on it. I swear (not that I'm supposed to swear or anything) that I got more complements than I've gotten before in my entire life. And with those complements came hugs. I'm not really a hugging person, so it was kind of strange getting a lot of hugs. It was people I knew really well, though. My Seminary teacher, my Mia Maids teacher, my past teachers that I've had in different classes, my trek mom...lots of people giving hugs to me. I guess I found a new talent, not that I didn't have too many talents before I found it.

So Meagan wants me to come play laser tag with her sometime during Christmas break. I really have no idea what laser tag even is. Well I mean, it's tag played with lasers, but I have no idea. It'll probably fall through anyway. She invite's me to a lot of things but I never end up going because I just don't know what to do or where to go. She leaves out a lot of information to things she tells me. She's a good friend though, I think she's the friend that I've had the longest. We grew up together, but I still don't consider us best friends. She's just not the right person to be a best friend, I don't really know why. I guess we're just not that close.

Okay, this is getting long enough. I'll finish up with a cool quote or two.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Live everyday as if it's your last, then someday, you'll be right!

When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you're smiling and everyone around you is crying.

Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.

Goodbye everyone,
~The Big Dreamer~

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Grim Day

Today there was rain, rain, and more rain. Absolutely no snow, sadly enough. Also, I had a test in English, a test in Biology, a test in Geometry, and two tests that I had to make up in Spanish. The only subject I didn't have a test in was PE, and that's only because it doesn't have tests! It's bad when all the tests are set for the same day, usually they are spread out.

In Seminary, we played this game where the person in the center had a rolled up newspaper and you said part of a scripture, then called out a persons name, before whacking that person if they didn't say the next few words of the scripture fast enough. It was interesting to say the least. Also, Sis. Smiley made these cupcakes that were to die for. They were chocolate with cream cheese filling. They were so good.

Yesterday, I was home all alone, because Lydia and mom went to a WAVA activity and so they missed out on the small amount of snow that we got. It snowed for forty-five minutes, at the most. Not enough to even really enjoy. It was still snow, though.

Last summer while we were at the beach, Lydia proclaimed that I was really weird and that she wasn't going to be my sister anymore. Well, earlier today, I decided the same thing about her. I am unofficially changing my last name to Blackwell, just so I'm not related to her. Of course, only when she's being introduced with me will I use that. I like being a Stewart. It's a cool last name. The only bad thing is that it's the same last name as some really odd people (cough Lydia cough).

So, in Spanish I now know how to write short sentences properly. I'm going to try to start translating some of my fanfiction stories into Spanish now, so I can post them in a second language to get more readers. I don't know how good it'll be though, I'll need someone who speaks Spanish really well to edit them for me.

I guess that is it,
~The Big Dreamer~

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm excited, the first snow of the year is falling. YAY! The Christmas songs have paid off! Now I'm going to go all hyper because I love snow! I'm going to go out and exercise now, just so I can be out with the snow.

I just had to announce that it was snowing, sorry...

~The Big Dreamer~

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bad Day or Good Day?

I'm thinking the world is out to get me, or at least fanfiction members. Today, one of the stories that I have been working so hard on, for more than four months, was deleted, because some person decided they didn't like it and found some reason to get it banned by the admins. I have no idea what was wrong with it, they didn't tell me. They just said they deleted it because it broke the rules. Also, I got two flames on my other story. Apparently, they really don't like me at all.

Today while at piano lessons, a Jehovah's Witness missionary person interrupted the lesson and gave the piano teacher a bunch of pamphlets about their church. It was really kind of annoying, but amusing at the same time.

So, I did another not-so-scientific test today. The test: how many people actually notice me.

When we went to taco bell for dinner, Lydia put a sticker on my head that said 'special' and I kept it on. Afterward we went to Walmart, and I took note of how many people looked at me strange. One adult took a second glance at me, and ten kids under the age of twelve stared at me like I was the strangest person in the world, which could actually be close to true.

Conclusion: I don't get very many people to notice me, or maybe they were just ignoring me...

Anyway, I had a Spanish illuminate today, and the teacher kept pronouncing my name in Spanish, so when she was talking to me, I really didn't even know she was telling me something until afterward. It was rather strange.

I found another quote I really like.

'Everyone has a part to play in the story of lives. Though we may find the tasks set to us sometimes difficult, sometimes unwanted, sometimes draining, we all must do our parts. Only then do we realize our purpose in this world and see that there is always something worth fighting for. We must use our gifts, whatever they may be, for what they are intended for and live with the consequences they bring.'

Until next time,
~The Big Dreamer~