Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Christmas Songs

Today I didn't have Seminary as it was a Wednesday and we don't have Seminary on Wednesdays because of the two hour late start at Riverside. I woke up early enough to go to Seminary, however. I couldn't fall asleep and so I am, once again, tired.

I was supposed to have a Biology Lab project today but the Brine Shrimp that I was supposed to be looking at under a microscope haven't matured yet.

At piano lessons I passed off two songs, making me very happy, and start two new songs, both for The Nutcracker. All of the songs I am playing are now Christmas songs. It is just barely October, still three months till Christmas. all well, my teacher is more excited about learning them than I am. She got so excited when she handed me the book. I'm the only person at my level and so therefore the only person who can play the Nutcracker songs that she teaches.

I know this is a short post, but I'm really tired and Lydia wants to me to watch a movie we got at the Library today, so I need to get off the computer.

~The Big Dreamer~