Monday, September 29, 2008

Home Alone

Today Lydia had a WAVA "middle school only" activity that she went to and I spent the day home alone. I finished all schoolwork and everything and practiced some hymns because I'm going to start taking organ lessons.

Now I'm sitting here bored out of my mind because Lydia usually occupies me with her hyperness.

I started exercise today, and while wandering the property I found a new path that leads up from the cabin to the house. It goes around the whole property to do it.

I had a Spanish test today. I got 100%. I'm supposed to find and introduce myself to someone who speaks Spanish for an extra assignment. The only problem is that, if someone speaks Spanish, and I know they do, then I probably know them and there is no point in introducing myself. That is a problem.

I don't know what to write my memoir on for LAC, but the thing that says what my memoir is going to be on is due today, so I have until 10:00 tonight to think of something that changed my life, that I can still remember in detail.

At Riverside it is "All Seniors dress up as old grannies and grandpas" day. So, all the seniors in Seminary came dressed up. It was fun to see them.

During Seminary, one of the girls sneezed really loud and she was sitting right next to a senior, and the senior pretended to nearly have a heart attack, because she's old.

Anyway, I was watching Harry Potter 5 a couple days ago and I was thinking that I really want to see the sixth movie. But I can't, because it's rated R. Now I'm mad at whoever rated the movie, and also the person who wrote the script to make the movie rated R. Also I'm mad at the DVD player, because it kept messing up and skipped right over the place where Sirius died. I didn't even get to see that and that's the best part. It's sad, but still the best.

Although I do like Bellatrix better than Sirius.

I guess I'll stop talking about nonsense and post this.
~The Big Dreamer~