Monday, September 22, 2008

A Normal Day

So, the family potluck yesterday went well. It was nothing like I worried about, of course. We had dinner, I had to sit at the kiddy table with my little sister and baby niece, and then played Apples to Apples till late. We were supposed to watch a home video about when I was a toddler but they couldn’t get the VCR to work.
My nephew, Damian, is so cute! Emily is cuter, but she has curly hair. Nothing can beat curls.
Seminary the is morning was interesting, Sis. Smiley turned out all the lights then turned on a flashlight and held it over Bo's scriptures. She then had him read the scripture in Matthew about letting your light shine. It was cool how she did it.
I finished all my school work early again. That's probably a good thing though because a storm is headed our way right now. Lydia brought all the cats inside so they wouldn't get soaked. They are outdoor cats though, they're used to the rain.
I'm starting Christmas music in both church choir and Piano lessons. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas music, but playing it in September? That's a little much. Christmas is still three months away.
I've decided I hate horses. Lydia loves them so much but they are big and stinky. I don't like to go near them, they make me nervous. Lydia has decorated her room so it is full of horses. Horse pictures, stuffed animals, toys, everything horsey. I'm sharing that room with her until my room is cleaned, (the carpets have a big stain on them that is disgusting and smells bad) and it gets annoying.
I learned all about colleges today. I looked at a college application form and it looks long and boring. And the cost is a lot as well. Plus, to become a marine biologist I need to go to at least ten years of college. I definitely need to get a scholarship and/or a grant.
My cats are so annoying. I love them but they are always in the way and making messes. Plus they're distracting. Simba and Lily are always spazistic, Sandy always want to cuddle, and Co-co has to be in your lap, at all time, or she meows. Loudly. Bellatrix is probably the only good one. She gets hyper but can also sit in your lap and cuddle. She is small enough that while sitting in your lap, you can do other things.
I guess that's all for today. Until next time,
~The Big Dreamer~