Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Pickle Poem

I was bored and perhaps a bit hyper today, so I wrote this odd little poem.


Everyone’s a pickle, and you are a sweet one, and I’m pretty crunchy but that is a okay.

Cause pickles are so crunchy so it’s so sweet to be one and we can both be green and have lots of warts.

Cause everyone are pickles and this is why that’s great. Cause everyone looks funny and also very straight!

If everyone were cucumbers, then I’d be a pickle! And I’ll tell you why. I different, you see.

But everyone are pickles and so that can’t happen, but that is fine with me, as long as we’re all green.

Oh, cause everyone are pickles and that’s a lot of fun, cause we can stay together in a refrigerator drawer.

And your so sweet, but some are sour. Some smell bad, but that can’t be helped. Cause pickles are pickles and everyone is green. Even though a pickle is covered in slime.

I once met a pickle, he said his name was Georgey. He said lots of things, but they all started with P.

Cause he was odd, and we are all odd too. Cause we are all pickles and that’s just what we do.

A pickle is so dangerous, it can be very big. If a pickle is dropped it’s gonna squish your toe. I witnessed it happen, a long time ago. All I have to say, is poor Mr. Poe.

There are many types of pickles, and I’ve met every one. Some are fat and juicy, and some are small and old.

But everyone’s a pickle, and that’s the honest truth. There’s one small problem, and that’s that we don’t have ears.

The pickles keep disappearing, and I don’t know where they’re going. They seem to fly away, and are never seen again.

Right before they’re gone, we hear a big crunch, I have no idea what it is, but it sounds painful.

Cause everyone’s a pickle, and I think that’s very great. Pickles are healthy, except those that are out of shape.

I think I’m gonna leave, because I am so scared. I don’t want to end up, in a stomach somewhere.

I left the refrigerator, but I didn’t get that far, I was picked up off the floor, and then I heard the crunch!


Hope you like it. :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Home Alone

Today Lydia had a WAVA "middle school only" activity that she went to and I spent the day home alone. I finished all schoolwork and everything and practiced some hymns because I'm going to start taking organ lessons.

Now I'm sitting here bored out of my mind because Lydia usually occupies me with her hyperness.

I started exercise today, and while wandering the property I found a new path that leads up from the cabin to the house. It goes around the whole property to do it.

I had a Spanish test today. I got 100%. I'm supposed to find and introduce myself to someone who speaks Spanish for an extra assignment. The only problem is that, if someone speaks Spanish, and I know they do, then I probably know them and there is no point in introducing myself. That is a problem.

I don't know what to write my memoir on for LAC, but the thing that says what my memoir is going to be on is due today, so I have until 10:00 tonight to think of something that changed my life, that I can still remember in detail.

At Riverside it is "All Seniors dress up as old grannies and grandpas" day. So, all the seniors in Seminary came dressed up. It was fun to see them.

During Seminary, one of the girls sneezed really loud and she was sitting right next to a senior, and the senior pretended to nearly have a heart attack, because she's old.

Anyway, I was watching Harry Potter 5 a couple days ago and I was thinking that I really want to see the sixth movie. But I can't, because it's rated R. Now I'm mad at whoever rated the movie, and also the person who wrote the script to make the movie rated R. Also I'm mad at the DVD player, because it kept messing up and skipped right over the place where Sirius died. I didn't even get to see that and that's the best part. It's sad, but still the best.

Although I do like Bellatrix better than Sirius.

I guess I'll stop talking about nonsense and post this.
~The Big Dreamer~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Classes

All day today I've been so tired. I guess that I just had a busy week. Today at church, I learned about the Pride cycle, and how the Nephites and Lamanites keep doing the same thing, over and over again. They should learn to look at the past and not repeat the same mistakes. Then the Gadianton robbers came and tried to take over.

Then, in my other class, we just talked, Sis. Philipy tried to start the lesson but she kept getting distracted. Most of our classes with her are like that.

Tonight there is a fireside on pornography that mom and dad are teaching. I went to a different fireside with them, so I've already heard it. This time it'll be with people I know though.

Lydia made cookies for the fireside, and so she was delighted to find out that the cats love cookie dough.

Sis. Philipy told all the girls in her class to write a list about themselves. It has to have birth date, full name, favorite everything. I think I've done a little more then what she asked, filling two whole papers with everything I could think of about me.

Anyway, I guess that is all.
~The Big Dreamer~

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some New Ideas

Today I woke up early and went with dad to a seminar with dad about starting a business. There was a class for teenagers about becoming an Entrepreneur, and so I got this brilliant idea that I should start a business while I'm in my teenage years,that way, I can start saving money for the many years of college I plan to go to. There's only a couple problems about that though. I have no idea what to do for a business, I don't have any money to start a business, and lastly I don't think it would work very well in the place that I live.

Another option for a job is an airplane pilot. It would be cool to be able to go up into the sky and fly.

After the seminar, me and Dad went to a football game. EWU against ISU. The Eagles won, thought the Bangles put up a good fight. The two teams were tied until fourth quarter.

The football game gave me a headache, and so now I'm dizzy. I'm really tired too.

I'm hungry at the moment since the last time I ate was six hours ago, so I think I'll post this and go get some food.

Hasta manana,
~The Big Dreamer~

Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Another Day

Today was like any other day, slow. I had my P.E. orientation though, so I'll have to start exercising again. Since I have a test in Spanish tomorrow, today I played a whole bunch of review games and learned some of Spanish culture. Today it was Mexico City. Mexico City is like New York City, Hollywood, and Washington D.C. all mixed up in one. It's about as big as that as well, being the biggest city on North America.

Anyway, I started another story, inspired by Lydia. It's about horses, just for her. The horses are magical and live in tribes and such. It's what happens when they get in a big war.

So in Seminary this morning, we did a scripture mastery contest thing. Each team was given some paper and we had to design a poster or picture that would help us memorize the scripture we were assigned. After that, each person voted, they weren't aloud to vote for their own one, and the picture with the most votes won.

My team lost. We got one vote out of fifteen, and that was only because someone had pity on us. I thought we did a good job on the poster too. The one that won didn't make any sense at all either.

They shared their winnings with my team though, because my whole team voted for the winning poster, that's why they won.

I have to write a memoir for LAC (Literary Analysis and Composition) and I have no idea what to write it on. I don't have a memory that is life changing for me. It is due next Friday so I guess I have a week to think.

I found a new quote that I like. It is "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly." by Langston Hughes.

That is all that happened today. Adios,
~The Big Dreamer~

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Future

I was thinking today about what people from the future would think about my house. Like, say the house is deserted for some reason, then it is discovered 3000 years into the future. What would they think of it?

They’d see my laptop and say, “Whoa! It’s and antique!” and then put it in a museum. Or like a bag of cereal on the counter. “They actually ate this stuff?” Or the old piano, “I can’t imagine trying to play an old thing like this!”

What would be their reaction to clothes we wear or some of the technology they found? It’s like us today discovering things in ancient times. Trying to guess what things are for, and how they are made.

It’s odd to think about, really.

Seminary was fun today, several people fell asleep. I didn’t win the daily prize today. I usually do, so they have started to call me “Lucky” even though I didn’t win today.

I had a good idea for a story about a little girl that finds a magical world, that only she can see. I know, it’s not very original, but it will have some original points in it. I’ll probably post it on fictionpress when it is finished.

Today in Spanish I spent quite awhile playing the games and earning money to add to my avatar. I've decided that I need to learn Spanish better so I'm going to use it more in everyday life, saying things in Spanish rather then English. The farther along I get the less people will understand me though. Only dad, because he speaks Spanish too.

My homeroom teacher has a really long hard name so she told everyone to call her Mrs. C. Now I have a Mr. D and a Mrs. C as teachers.

Mrs. C, lives in Seattle, but her husband is a pilot so she can fly over here when our class has face to face meetings.

A girl in home is named Aubrey. She is a freshman like me and so I want to meet her. I don't know what classes she is taking, though.

I guess that is it. Adios,
~The Big Dreamer~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Bunch of Random Thoughts

Today my parents went to some sort of business meeting, so since I had piano lessons, I had to do my school work at my dad's office. I couldn't do my Spanish because the computer didn't work and I have a assignment that has to be turned in that I can only do at home.

It's tiring, but school is fun. I had a test today in Biology and passes, but only barely.

If America is a free country, what are all the other country's like? I've always wondered how they are so different because they seem to be just as free as America.

Seminary was canceled today. I've been tired all day from it. Lydia's mad as well because she didn't get the usual Dum-Dum that Sis. Smiley hands out.

Last Christmas I found the song "Carol of the Bells" and decided to try to learn it. by the time I got to it, however, Christmas was over. So, I'm bringing the music to piano lessons today and hopefully Christy will help me learn it. Maybe I'll even play it at the Recital.

Why aren't cars ever yellow? I've seen cars of all other colors, except yellow. Some were close to yellow, but they still have a greenish tint. I've strangest color car I've seen was bright neon green. That's the closest I've seen to yellow.

There's this fruity smell that won't seem to leave me alone. I smell it everywhere but I don't wear perfume or anything that is fruity. It must be me that smells that way, since it's always around, but I don't know what it is.

I learned that cellphones give you cancer today. That's pretty much everything, now. We should all just sit at home and be hermits, just so we won't get sick from cancer, although there are plenty of people who use cellphones and microwaves and hairdryers that don't get cancer.

I think I want to be an author when I grow up. My mom gave me this idea of when I want to story to be in a male point of view to put my first name as an initial and use my middle name. My middle name is a guys name, so it would sound as if a man were writing it.

Also, she said to use my maiden name as my author's name and use my married name everywhere else, that way my family is protected but people who know me still know who wrote the book.

Plus, my name is a perfect name to be on a book, or even in a book. It just has a cool ring to it.

Anyway, that's enough blabbering. So long,
~The Big Dreamer~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Family Photo

Today was boring. It started with a normal Seminary class, then we went home and did school work. The internet went out so I didn't get my school work done until around two O' clock today. It gave me more hours though.

I started Spanish. It's really fun. It's all online and you get to play games, which earns you virtual money, which you can buy stuff for your avatar with. I've made my avatar look like Haley Potter. I've already started learning the actual language as well. I know a whole bunch of basic phrases.

Mutual was canceled. We drove to the church to find that everyone was outside. Apparently, the kitchen was being remodeled and the whole place stank. They will probably cancel Seminary tomorrow too.

I found out when my Christmas piano recital is now. December 15th. I have around three months to prepare. My favorite style of music to play is like a jazzy blues type. Christy (the teacher) is going to try to find a Christmas song in that style for me to play. I wonder if I need to have it memorized or not?

I read about joining the military in Finding Your Path today. It sounds like it might be fun, but I don't think it would be a good choice for me.

My mom hung up the family pictures today. The one of me is actually cute. Michael and Jaspenelle's picture is the best. In Justin and Heather's picture, Heather isn't smiling. It is hard to get a picture of her in which she is smiling. In Ginanne and Jordan's picture, Emily is crying.

The coolest picture, though, is the one below.

This gets our whole family with my niece in the middle. I call it the ring of family. It reminds me of a quote I heard once. "Put the name of the person you love in a circle, not a heart, because a heart can be broken but a circle goes round and round forever." This is cool because the photo represents the way our family will love each other forever.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Normal Day

So, the family potluck yesterday went well. It was nothing like I worried about, of course. We had dinner, I had to sit at the kiddy table with my little sister and baby niece, and then played Apples to Apples till late. We were supposed to watch a home video about when I was a toddler but they couldn’t get the VCR to work.
My nephew, Damian, is so cute! Emily is cuter, but she has curly hair. Nothing can beat curls.
Seminary the is morning was interesting, Sis. Smiley turned out all the lights then turned on a flashlight and held it over Bo's scriptures. She then had him read the scripture in Matthew about letting your light shine. It was cool how she did it.
I finished all my school work early again. That's probably a good thing though because a storm is headed our way right now. Lydia brought all the cats inside so they wouldn't get soaked. They are outdoor cats though, they're used to the rain.
I'm starting Christmas music in both church choir and Piano lessons. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas music, but playing it in September? That's a little much. Christmas is still three months away.
I've decided I hate horses. Lydia loves them so much but they are big and stinky. I don't like to go near them, they make me nervous. Lydia has decorated her room so it is full of horses. Horse pictures, stuffed animals, toys, everything horsey. I'm sharing that room with her until my room is cleaned, (the carpets have a big stain on them that is disgusting and smells bad) and it gets annoying.
I learned all about colleges today. I looked at a college application form and it looks long and boring. And the cost is a lot as well. Plus, to become a marine biologist I need to go to at least ten years of college. I definitely need to get a scholarship and/or a grant.
My cats are so annoying. I love them but they are always in the way and making messes. Plus they're distracting. Simba and Lily are always spazistic, Sandy always want to cuddle, and Co-co has to be in your lap, at all time, or she meows. Loudly. Bellatrix is probably the only good one. She gets hyper but can also sit in your lap and cuddle. She is small enough that while sitting in your lap, you can do other things.
I guess that's all for today. Until next time,
~The Big Dreamer~

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Busy Day

Today was hectic. First we went to the temple, I'm LDS, by the way, then right after we got home we went to a luau, which was fun. There was a pig there that we got to watch the little kids chase.

I have a horrible headache today, I got it when, changing my earrings, I found a lump behind my ear. As soon as I touched the lump I got a headache, and the lump has been hurting too. I have no idea what it is or where I would have gotten it.

My dad listens to this really obnoxious music in his car that is loud and pounding. I've been riding in his car a lot today, so that may have contributed to the headache.

I was thinking today about life, as I often do, and I decided that I wanted to experience a lot of things. I want to go skydiving, even though I'm afraid of heights. I want to travel to all seven continents. I want to be a famous author, that people will write fanfictions after my books. I want to learn many languages, so while traveling the world, I can speak to the natives. I want to have my name in history books.

I want people in the future to say, "This person was a great example. I want to be just like her!" I want to find true love. I want become a great pianist, I'm already on my way, five years of lessons! I want to have children. I want to learn.

That's why I'm the big dreamer.

I tend to worry a lot, but all of the worrying is unrealistic. I imagine bad things happening that almost couldn't happen. I do this all in my head. I imagine 'what would happen if...' to my own life. I think all the time about lots of stuff. Most of it not worth thinking about.

My whole family, just my siblings and parents, are getting together for a potluck. I was thinking about it and imagined this scene:

Ginanne, me, and Lydia are arguing over something. Michael suddenly jumps in at something that Ginanne brought up. Mom and dad are yelling at all of us because we are ruining the get together. Jaspenelle and Jordan (my siblings spouses) are standing there, both holding a baby, staring in shock.

Lydia gets fed up and runs out of the house in a fit. We never see her again. I am crying and Michael finally grabs his wife and son and leaves, saying that he doesn't want to see us again. Ginanne and Jordan kick my parents and I out of the house. Our family falls apart.

I know, with absolute certainty that the scene above couldn't possible happen. So why do I think of it and worry? No idea. That's my life. I'm crazy, I know.

I guess that's about all for today then,
~The Big Dreamer~

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Very Weird Family

My members of my family are very weird. That's what I was thinking about today.

Dad decided to play a sort of a prank on us this morning. We went out to go to Seminary and we couldn't find the car. We looked around a bit and finally spotted it. It was in the dog's reach, where neither me or mom will go. Dad had to come and back it out so we could go.I still made it to Seminary on time, though.

Mom was picking her nose this morning, I know strange. Usually you do that in private, not driving on the way to Seminary.

Lydia, well, she's strange in every aspect of her life. She's half cat,I swear. Always running around on hands and knees.

I am the last weird person in our family. Today in Seminary, a stinkbug landed on me. I calmly looked down and just flicked it off, not even thinking about it. If I were at home and a stinkbug landed on me I would have started screaming. I guess I can hide my expressions very well in public.

I started Biology today. It sounds like it'll be a fun class from what I did today.

Stewart must be a common last name. Today in English, we were having a discussion and I noticed that there were three Stewart's there. Me, a Johanna, and a Ashleigh. We all have the last name of Stewart.

Lydia and mom got in a fight again. I always thought it was weird that Lydia always acts so much more teenagerish than me. And yes, I know teenagerish is not a word.

I have good news! My laptop is up and running again! It is so much easier to type now that I have it back. I have all my fanfiction stories and such back too. I can start working on them again. All my readers will be happy.

I guess that is all for now. Till next time,
~The Big Dreamer~

A Very Smelly Day

All day today, mom was making and canning relish. The house really stinks of relish now. I hate relish and this is worse than then the store bought stuff.

I got done with school work way early today. I was done at 11:00. I still need to put more hours in, but I really don't care about the hours.I just want to get the work done.

In Finding Your Path today I took a test to see what career I'd be good at. The top choice was a Historian, followed by a photojournalist. They are both boring jobs to me. I want to be a marine biologist, not a historian. I hate reading history, and if I become a historian I'll be the one writing the books, no doubt.

Also, when we looked at our career, we had to choose a college that we could learn the job from. The nearest college to choose was in Arizona. I don't want to go to Arizona. I'd like to go to B.Y.U. Hawaii, actually.

Going through all this college stuff and learning how much it takes to get in and trying to find a successful career is changing my mind about wanting to go to college. I wanted to go to college before to become a marine biologist, but what is the use of going to all that work if I'm not going to be successful in that field of work?

I seem to be very lucky. In Seminary, I have won the daily drawing almost every single time. Only twice, I haven't. I wonder why I keep winning.

Also, my friendship with Shannon is growing. We were laughing and talking, like real friends do. I love Seminary because I got a new friend out of it. Hopefully she will be a good friend.

This year the church isn't putting on a Halloween party so me and Lydia have decided to put one on ourselves. I don't even know how to start planning it though. I also need to make my costume, if mom will help. We're both really busy and I don't think it'll get done.

One of my goals I have lately decided to have is to be able to play some hymns on the piano, and then learn to play them on the organ. The only problem is that I don't want to practice them in front of people. Whenever I practice the piano, mom and Lydia are always around. If they weren't there I'd practice. Even if only Lydia were there and mom were gone I think I would practice them.

I guess I'm done writing now,
~The Big Dreamer~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Mission Statement

Today in Finding Your Path we had to write our 'Mission Statement' basically what we wanted in our life. It asked several questions the I had to write the statement. I liked it a lot so I'll post it here as well.

My Mission Statement for my life is full of big dreams. I want to go to college, I want to travel around the world and discover new things. I want to write fantasy novels for children and adults alike. I'd like to study marine animals and on top of it all I'd like to have children. Some of the things I value are: family, hard work, spirituality, fairness and equality, and happiness. Some of the things that make me happy are being with friends, playing the piano, and writing.

Today while doing Geometry I was thinking about when Ginanne was learning Geometry. I can remember her asking mom about things like 'plain,' 'line,' and 'point' and thinking the projects she had to do were strange. Now that I'm doing them they actually make sense.

Anyway, piano lessons are later today and I'm probably as prepared as I'll ever be. I've been playing these songs all summer and I'm pretty good at them. Hopefully the teacher passes them off.

This morning I didn't have Seminary because the regular high school students had a two hour late start. I was tired while doing schoolwork. That was bad since I was doing the Scantron test. I nearly fell asleep half way through it. The test it self was only supposed to take an hour, but since it customizes itself to the person taking the test, it took me nearly an hour and a half, until mom said I could take a break. I got on later and finished it, taking another half hour. The test took two hours longer than it was scheduled to.

It was a tiring test as well. It included lots of things that I didn't understand. Maybe that was why it took so long to finish, because it had to find my exact level.

I got into a discussion today during English about what would happen if you ate some certain type of candy then drank soda. They kept saying that it would make your stomach explode. Several people said they would try it and then post the results. It'll be entertaining to see what they are. I doubt their stomach would explode but it might be fun to try, to see what happens myself.

So long for now,
~The Big Dreamer~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lots of Differences.

Today was my second day of high school. I had three orientations for classes today. English, Geometry, and Finding Your Path. They were extremely long and boring, although my English teacher is fun. He can do this voice that he calls the 'Illuminator.' It's funny.

Anyway, tomorrow I have another piano lesson with the new teacher. I'm still getting used to her. She is totally different from my old teacher. Her teaching techniques seem to be more laid back. She has me do less in the lesson than the other teacher did. Also her piano is electric so it is frustrating to play on. I'll get used to it eventually.

Tonight at mutual we played glow-in-the-dark volleyball. It was another different thing. I'm not very good at volleyball in the first place and this just makes it harder. the ball was near invisible because the spray on it wasn't very bright. All the glow sticks around our wrists and necks were cool to see though. It was fun to spin around and see the light all around you.

Another thing that I recently started is early morning seminary. It is tiring but it wakes me up so I ready to start on school work as soon as I get back. As a plus, Sis. Smiley always gives us plenty of candy during class so we're all hyped up by the time it's over.

Some cool things I thought about today: Ideas for Halloween costumes. This year me and Lydia are going as an Indian and a Cowgirl. Some ideas I liked were a half angel/half devil costume, a nursery rhyme theme where one of us dresses up like the moon and another a cow, and a glow stick person, where you cover yourself with glow-sticks and glow in the dark.

That brought up the idea of a glow in the dark wedding, where everything is covered in glow sticks. It is a fun idea, but very unrealistic.

Anyway, that's all for now,
~The Big Dreamer~