Friday, October 31, 2008


Last time I posted was last Thursday, and a few things have happened since then. Last Saturday was Sara's baptism. I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Everyone seemed to like it. On Tuesday, the young woman threw a Halloween party for the primary kids. I was stuck running the Bingo table, which wasn't really Bingo, as I could control exactly who won and everything. The costume I was wearing wasn't exactly comfortable either, really tight.

I'm wearing that costume again tonight as we're going over to Ginnane's house to pass out candy tot he trick-or-treater's while Ginanne takes Emily trick-or-treating. Me and Lydia are dressed as 'The Two Princesses of Bamarre' which I doubt a lot of people know about. At mutual, only one person knew who we were, and that was only after I explained the book to her.

Lydia dressed all the cat's up in costumes made out of pipe cleaners. Simba is dressed up as a deer, or rather 'Prongs' from 'Harry Potter.' Lily is dressed up as little red riding hood. Sandy is dressed as the granny. Fiera is dressed as a wolf. Bellatrix is dressed as 'Bellatrix Lestrange' also from Harry Potter. We wanted to dressed Co-co up as a piece of chocolate, but there wasn't enough pipe cleaners.

At Piano lessons, I started a Jazz version of Silent Night, and it's probably the oddest version of it that I've heard. It's so strange.

Today in Seminary, we played New Testament Bingo, and so we all went home with lots of candy. Also, I got a Spider ring, which I named Larry. It is my official Laptop decorator now, since it is too small to fit on my finger. I'm thinking that tonight, I might change the costume slightly and be a witch instead of a princess. Lydia can stay the same, and be Sleeping Beauty or something.

Wednesday, when we went to the library, Lydia got a movie called 'Woof' and it's very strange. It's about a boy who can change into a dog and there's this whole mystery about how he does it. It must be a movie from Britain or something, because of the way they all talk in it. The main character reminds me a lot of one of the Weasley's from Harry Potter. He looks just like them.

I decided, that when I start working over the summers, I want to get a job at the library. They already know me there. I go in every week and so they can call me by name and everything. It's kind of cool. Of course, then I'll be one of those book worm type of people, but I suppose I already am one anyways.

Lydia and I created a language. It's for us to use on chats and stuff for when we don't want other people to know what we're saying. It'll be hard to translate it so we can speak it, but it'll still work for what we need it to do. We can it LAL.

I suppose that is it for now,
~The Big Dreamer~