Monday, October 13, 2008

An Interesting Lesson

In seminary today we learned about physical and spiritual handicaps and so Sis. Smiley tied us all up with duck tape. Some people had it so they couldn't speak, some people were tied to chairs and others had their arms or legs tied so they couldn't use them. Elizabeth was blind folded and Erin was deaf.

We joked about what would happen if there was a fire right then. The headline "Seminary teacher kills a whole class of students that were tied to chairs!"

It was an interesting lesson to say the least.

In Spanish today, I learned that Cinco De Mayo (the Mexican holiday) isn't even celebrated in Mexico. It is just celebrated in the USA, even though it is claimed to me the Mexican Independence day. Their real Independence day is September 16th.

I dressed my Spanish avatar in her Halloween costume. She is count Dracula's wife and has a scary white cat.

I guess that's it.
~The Big Dreamer~