Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spitually Strengthening Stuff

Last night for mutual, we all dressed up as Book of Mormon/ Bible characters. They invited the Newport ward's youth and so there was a lot of people there. First Bro. McKinney who was dressed as Captain Moroni said some words on faith and then we all stood and talked about our characters and said why they were our hero. I went as Rebekah, the wife of Issac. The most popular female character was queen Ester and the most popular male character was a stripling warrior. Afterward, we all had pie, which Sis. Romero called poison.

This morning at seminary we had a testimony meeting, except everyone had to bear their testimony. The Spirit was so strong. After we were all done, Sis. Smiley said that if she was stranded on the top of a mountain in three feet of snow at midnight, she would want us all to be there with her, so God would take us all up to Heaven like the city on Enoch. That would never happen. I mean, how would a whole Seminary class, plus the teacher, get stranded on top of a mountain in three feet of snow at midnight? Very unrealistic.

Anyway, at piano lessons today, I started a new song. It's a jazzy type Christmas song. I'm apparently really good at those songs and playing them just comes easily for me. The teacher also said that I played one of the songs 'beautifully.' I've never heard anyone say that me playing was beautiful.

Lydia wants me to get off and watch 'The Waterhorse' now so I better stop typing.

~The Big Dreamer~