Friday, October 3, 2008


Today was boring, once again. I managed to get everything done early again.

Seminary this morning was a lot of fun. Since it's Friday we had a scripture mastery day. I memorized three new scriptures. They are long ones, too. If we get them all memorized by Christmas we're going to have a party with Chinese food. a fancy party. Unfortunately, I don't particularly like Chinese food.

I started a new story today. I have only three out of like fifteen stories I'm working on finished. It seems to be a problem with me, starting things and not finishing them. I get bored with them or something.

The newest story is a murder mystery. It'll be the first mystery I've written, so I don't know how good it'll be.

Mom bought a new monitor for her computer, because the other one kept messing up. It is flat and only has the right coloring if it is tilted at the right angle, kind of messed up.

I had to write two essay's today. One was a memoir. It was supposed to be 2-3 pages long but ended up being 6 pages long. The other was a two paragraph paper on how a microscope works for biology. They were both easy to write. Unfortunately, I seem to have writer's block for my stories I am writing.

I was thinking today about the sun. People seem to dislike the sun a lot, saying it causes global warming, and gives you cancer and stuff, but without it, we'd all be dead.

Plants feed off of the sun. Then animals eat those and we eat those animals. If the sun disappeared, there be no plants, and therefore they're be no food. Or light. Or warmth. The sun is way more helpful then it is bad for the Earth. Also, ever guess why people get so depressed during the winter? No sunlight.

I guess that's it for now,
~The Big Dreamer~