Sunday, October 5, 2008

General Conference

Yesterday and today there was General Conference and so we gathered in mom and dad's room to watch all four sessions. I couldn't see the screen very well since it was playing on dad's laptop and I only got notes on the first session. It was good to listen to though.

I started a second blog, although that one is all about the stories I've been writing and is mostly for my readers on fanfiction to read about my stories.

There is nothing to do without schoolwork. I've been very bored whenever I haven't been doing schoolwork, but at the same time I don't particularly like schoolwork, it is just something to do.

I started reading "Artemis Fowl" and there is a code at the bottom of the pages that the reader is supposed to solve,only I can't solve it. I've tried and nothing fits. It is a complicated code and it makes no sense, There are 'E's where 'E's aren't supposed to be and also no 'E's where an 'E' should be.

I guess that's all that has happened in the last couple days, so...
~The Big Dreamer~