Monday, October 20, 2008

Trying to make it Snow

Lydia and I have a goal to make it snow before October ends. I'm playing a bunch of Christmas songs on the piano and we have Christmas songs playing in the background while we do schoolwork. The other thing we have succeeded in getting is rain so far...

Lydia and I were going to throw a Halloween party, but then the young women are going to put on a Halloween party for the little kids. Also, the few people we've told don't seem very interesting in going to a Halloween party, so I think we're just going to call it off.

So, I'm at the good part in my fanfiction. It's the part where Sirius dies, but I really don't want Sirius to die because he's one of the best characters, not my favorite, those places are reserved for Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy, but he is still a character that I want to stay in the story. I have no idea how to keep him alive if I decide to not kill him off though. I need him, because he's training Haley to become an animagus and she can't complete that without him, because only Moony could help her and he isn't an animagus himself.

Anyway, I've been realizing how fragile life is. I was reading a poem I got in my email that was written by a girl with cancer. It was talking about how you should live your life to the fullest because she couldn't.

Meagan was talking Saturday and something she said I liked. She was talking to one of her friends at school and was complaining about life, which is pretty common for her. The friends interrupted her and said "When you loose all hope, just remember this: At least when you look up, you can see the stars." her friend lives in town, so he can't see the stars when they come out. I thought that was cool.

~The Big Dreamer~