Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bad Day or Good Day?

I'm thinking the world is out to get me, or at least fanfiction members. Today, one of the stories that I have been working so hard on, for more than four months, was deleted, because some person decided they didn't like it and found some reason to get it banned by the admins. I have no idea what was wrong with it, they didn't tell me. They just said they deleted it because it broke the rules. Also, I got two flames on my other story. Apparently, they really don't like me at all.

Today while at piano lessons, a Jehovah's Witness missionary person interrupted the lesson and gave the piano teacher a bunch of pamphlets about their church. It was really kind of annoying, but amusing at the same time.

So, I did another not-so-scientific test today. The test: how many people actually notice me.

When we went to taco bell for dinner, Lydia put a sticker on my head that said 'special' and I kept it on. Afterward we went to Walmart, and I took note of how many people looked at me strange. One adult took a second glance at me, and ten kids under the age of twelve stared at me like I was the strangest person in the world, which could actually be close to true.

Conclusion: I don't get very many people to notice me, or maybe they were just ignoring me...

Anyway, I had a Spanish illuminate today, and the teacher kept pronouncing my name in Spanish, so when she was talking to me, I really didn't even know she was telling me something until afterward. It was rather strange.

I found another quote I really like.

'Everyone has a part to play in the story of lives. Though we may find the tasks set to us sometimes difficult, sometimes unwanted, sometimes draining, we all must do our parts. Only then do we realize our purpose in this world and see that there is always something worth fighting for. We must use our gifts, whatever they may be, for what they are intended for and live with the consequences they bring.'

Until next time,
~The Big Dreamer~