Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spanish Speaking Zombie Cat

Uh oh, there wasn't a prompt put out today, now I'm lost as to what to write about! Actually, I found a list of prompts on the JulNoWriMo site that you're supposed to write to everyday so you're nice and warmed up for the novel writing. I don't I really need them, seeing as I'm going to be plenty warmed up for it, but it works for today. One of of the prompts is this: A little girl named Helen is wandering through the woods alone when she comes across a large wooden box. She opens the box. What does she find inside?

My answer to that is simple. She found air.

Yeah, I'm not in a creative mood right now. I wrote four pages of a short story earlier, plus the daily word count for my novel, so I'm creative-ited (Yes, I know. It's not a word, but as a writer, I claim some allowances about making up words.) out and can't come up with anything better.

What? You're not happy with that answer? Fine, fine, I'll come up with a better answer. Let's the large wooden box, she found the souls of a bunch of other girls who were randomly wandering through the woods and found the box. And then what happened? Well, her soul was sucked into the box as well and poor Helen was never seen again. Yep.

Oh, and about the title......well, today at Damien's birthday party, one of the people was talking with me and telling me how I should make a story about a Spanish speaking zombie cat, so I'm now writing it into my novel. That should be interesting to fit in.

My weirdness is probably overwhelming you at the I think I'm going to go to bed now...........