Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 3

Today's prompt: Define 'freedom'.

Freedom is being able to act, think, write, or say things without restriction. Freedom allows people to make choices. Too much freedom sometimes leads to a lack of freedom. Not enough freedom leads to rebellion. You sometimes have to work or fight for freedom. Freedom can, in some cases, be a pain to deal with. The opposite of freedom is school.....just kidding.....kind of.

And now to exercise my freedoms......

I just barely got my writing done today because mom insisted I go into town with her and then Lydia had to go to mutual an hour early for a presidency meeting. I wrote the last 500 words sitting at The Ram drinking a cookies and cream milkshake. Funny how I almost wrote more there than I did at home....I think it was the ice cream. I'll have to remember that when/if I get writer's block later on.

I made a cool cover type thing for my last novel, Involuntary Notions yesterday evening. I think it fits well.
I'm going to make another one for this novel, but it probably won't fit as well because I don't even know the whole conflict/idea yet. I'm only 5000 words in after all.