Friday, November 7, 2008

A Grim Day

Today there was rain, rain, and more rain. Absolutely no snow, sadly enough. Also, I had a test in English, a test in Biology, a test in Geometry, and two tests that I had to make up in Spanish. The only subject I didn't have a test in was PE, and that's only because it doesn't have tests! It's bad when all the tests are set for the same day, usually they are spread out.

In Seminary, we played this game where the person in the center had a rolled up newspaper and you said part of a scripture, then called out a persons name, before whacking that person if they didn't say the next few words of the scripture fast enough. It was interesting to say the least. Also, Sis. Smiley made these cupcakes that were to die for. They were chocolate with cream cheese filling. They were so good.

Yesterday, I was home all alone, because Lydia and mom went to a WAVA activity and so they missed out on the small amount of snow that we got. It snowed for forty-five minutes, at the most. Not enough to even really enjoy. It was still snow, though.

Last summer while we were at the beach, Lydia proclaimed that I was really weird and that she wasn't going to be my sister anymore. Well, earlier today, I decided the same thing about her. I am unofficially changing my last name to Blackwell, just so I'm not related to her. Of course, only when she's being introduced with me will I use that. I like being a Stewart. It's a cool last name. The only bad thing is that it's the same last name as some really odd people (cough Lydia cough).

So, in Spanish I now know how to write short sentences properly. I'm going to try to start translating some of my fanfiction stories into Spanish now, so I can post them in a second language to get more readers. I don't know how good it'll be though, I'll need someone who speaks Spanish really well to edit them for me.

I guess that is it,
~The Big Dreamer~