Saturday, May 22, 2010

YCL Retreat on Barnaby Island

Yesterday, I packed up all the stuff I would need for an overnight camping trip and set off to Sister Mckinney's house so she could take me up to Chewelah and then on to our camping place. We picked up Natalie on the way.

At the Chewelah Church, we met with five other girls and Sister Romero. I rode with Sis. Romero, her brother-in-law, his eight year old son, Chase, and two other girls up to where we would be staying. Near Inchelium, we crossed a ferry, which was interesting. Then we drove to a camping spot near Barnaby Island.

Sister Johnson met us there and showed us the way to where we would be camping. We had to hike, carrying all of our things, 3/4 of a mile across the sandbar and onto the island.

(A picture of the long hike to the island. Usually, the sandbar is covered in water, and the island would actually look like an island. For now, though, you can hike to it.) -->

Once on the island, we met with the four girls who had come earlier, along with Sis. Johnson's eight year old daughter, Zarahemla (or Zarah for short).

<--(Sis. Romero and Sis. McKinney planning)

I helped build the fire while some other girls built the latrine far away from camp.

<--(The campfire)

We did a few wood runs, and found roasting sticks, and then sat down for dinner, which was hot dogs, potato salad, grapes, and potato chips.

(The view from camp was beautiful.)-->

After dinner, we gathered around the camp fire to have a devotional of sorts. We decided who would get which level. I got the level 2 girls, along with Kaitlyn and Kati.Next, Sister Johnson showed us three types of plants: Yarrow, Mullein, and Lupine, and then Sister Romero told some stories.

<--(Hanging around the camp fire)

Afterward, we made smores and Kaitlyn decided to try and make some herbal tea from the Mullein leaves, which made her tired.

(Carly watches on as Kaitlyn sits on Micky)-->

Sister Johnson showed us all how to make ash cakes and we all made some.

(Our ash cakes cooking)-->

 Her mix was flour, a little bit or corn meal, ground flaxseed, salt, and baking soda. We mixed that powder with some water and then placed them directly on the hot coals to cook. They tasted surprisingly good, considering that they were cooked in ash. It's too bad we didn't have cinnamon and sugar though, that would've tasted great. At the same time, Sis. Romero's brother-in-law brought up some fish he had caught with Zara and Chase and cooked them over the fire.

<--(The fish cooking)

After that, mostly everyone headed off to bed, except the leaders and four of us girls. We talked for a while, and I didn't head back to my tent until probably around 11:30 PM.

(Zarah playing in the light)-->

I didn't sleep very well, waking up every so often. I eventually got up at around 7:00 and we had a small breakfast of granola, yogurt, oranges, and, of course, smores.

After breakfast, a few of us gathered flowers that we were going to press and then make bookmarks out of for our girls.

<--(A lot of flowers)

There were a lot of extras.

(Lupine flowers) -->

Soon after, we packed up camp before sitting down around the fire again.

<--(Packing up)

Sis. Mckinney taught us how to tie a couple kinds of knots, and then we gathered our stuff and left the campsite.

(Around the campfire again)-->

<--(Looking back from the halfway point back to the cars from the island)

The 3/4 of a mile hike back was worse than the hike there, since we were all tired when we started.

(Waiting for everyone to reach the cars)-->

We crossed the ferry again, and headed home.

<--(On the ferry)

<--(Barnaby Island beach)