Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Not All Fun And Games

I've had sort of a hard day today. I was been in a bad mood this morning and so was picking fights with mom and Lydia. I was finally feeling somewhat back to normal this afternoon, but then I found out that my research essay got a C. I worked super hard on that essay. My mood is more than dismal right now. I don't even feel like writing. 

I'm already stressing out about my talk on Sunday, and then my YCL leader decides to choose me to write a short skit for us YCL's to put on to introduce the theme at Camp Kick Off. Yeah, great. One more thing to worry about, not that I can say no. It's an obligation.

Also, I've been feeling nauseous lately, but never enough to actually consider myself sick. I can't stand to eat anything that's greasy or very flavored, so I've been sticking mostly to Yogurt and fruit for now.

Mom and Dad want to go geocaching this evening, but I'm thinking I'm going to stay home instead and attempt to write, or else read. 

Maybe tomorrow will be better.