Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bad Mood

I'm in a bad mood.

Today was the gingerbread house contest for WAVA. We didn't win. At all. We were planning on signing up for the 'people's choice' judging, and we would have won if we did, but the teachers there convinced us to sign up for the Crystal awards, where some judges come in and decide. That wasn't a good thing. There were three other houses in the Crystal awards. One of them won, not us. There wasn't a second or third place, we just walked away with nothing, except a certificate that everyone got. I don't mind that we didn't win, it's the fact that we got absolutely nothing to show for our work.

The first year we did the contest, we won first prize. Last year, we got second. This year we didn't place. Why does it seem like we're getting worse at making gingerbread houses?

Also at the WAVA activity was ice skating. I've decided I hate it. I stayed on the ice for only a few seconds and couldn't control the skates at all. How am I supposed to be able to ice skate if I can't even roller skate? It's impossible for me.

After that we went Christmas shopping, and my back is now sore from carrying around dad's Christmas present (that's a hint on the size, dad). I, at the moment, also have a bad headache and feel like complaining a little bit.

I'm done,
~The Big Dreamer~