Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow, Seminary, Stuff

It is snowing, and this time I have hopes that it'll last more than a day. It has been snowing steadily since Seminary this morning. The ground is covered with whiteness and it is freezing.

Next week is the last week of school until break, so I'm pretty busy with everything still. Hopefully in the two weeks of break I get I'll be able to get back into all the stories I've been writing. I just find that I don't very much time anymore, especially since my piano recital is on Monday so I've been practicing a lot lately. Not that I don't practice a lot in the first place, but I've had longer practices, and it's wearing me out. The song is memorized, but it's four pages long, so it's difficult to play under pressure. I'm going to play at the recital with the music, but it'll be okay anyway.

Yesterday at Seminary, I accidentally let slip that my recital is Monday, and Sis. Smiley had me bring the piece to Seminary this morning to play in front of everyone. I don't mind playing in front of people I don't know, because I'll probably never see them again, but in front of all my friends like was freaky, but I did okay.

For literature this week, I'm reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird' well actually, I haven't started it yet. I'm supposed to read the first four chapters today. It sounds like a boring book to me, but it has a lot of people that like it so I'll to wait til I've read it to see.

My sister is so strange. Lydia was sitting on the couch, and trying to avoid doing her schoolwork, she was paying attention to the cat. The cat, Co-co, was sleeping. Lydia sighed all of a sudden and said to Co-co "You need to work on your 'not-boring' skills!" Co-co looked up at her and started purring.

Tomorrow, the youth are going on a temple trip, and it should be interesting, because the names we are doing are some of my family names. Sis. Smiley also has some names to be done tomorrow and she told us the history behind them and stuff, so I'll really be able to connect.

The house is all decorated for Christmas. Well, sort of. The stockings are hung, the nativities are out, and the tree is up, it only has lights on it so far though. I don't know if it'll get farther than that, really.

I guess that's it,
~The Big Dreamer~