Monday, December 15, 2008


Music is probably my favorite thing in the world. Last night we went over to Ginanne's and ate dinner, then we went to a music thing at the church that was so cool. When the congregation sang together, the music rang off the walls and echoed everywhere. It was amazing to sing with such a musically talented group that big. It was very spiritual.

Tonight was my recital. It was fun. I found out just how much different from all my teachers other students tonight. I was probably the most experienced performer there. I was almost the oldest. There was an adult there that was older. All the other students are younger.

The recital was different from recitals that I've had in the past. It seemed more casual and less strict. We had an intermission where we all sang Christmas songs and it was great. I played my song better than I have before too, I wasn't that nervous because the atmosphere was calmer, it also helped that I was one of the better performers.

I was calculating a few days ago, and I realized that I had been playing the piano since first grade. Eight years. That's a long time.

I been thinking lately, not that I'm never not thinking, and I came up with my New Years Resolution. I know it's a couple weeks early, but I want to write it down before I forget.

I've been really lazy lately. I've been getting bad grades, slacking off on my writing, skipping schoolwork that I really need to work on, and I feel that I'm not progressing very much with the piano lately.

Since Christmas break is next week, I'm going to take those two weeks to relax and take a break, then when school starts again in January, I'm going to start the new year running. I'm going to work harder on everything; piano, schoolwork, chores, reading scriptures, everything.

If I keep going like I am right now, I won't be able to fulfill several of my goals. So when I start working on this resolution in January, I'm going to start keeping this updated with how I'm doing, that way when I start slacking off, because I almost guarantee that I will, you can reply and get on my case about it.

Anyway, back to more fun things. Lucy, Lydia's hamster, escaped while we were at the recital tonight. So now there is a rodent wandering the house somewhere.

Today was freezing! We had negative temperatures. With the wind it was even colder. Right now, I really want to go visit somewhere warm and sunny. Preferably a beach with warm water that has dolphins playing in it. That'd be great, but highly unlikely. Looking out the window, I know there is no way I could be somewhere warm. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow and the whiteness. It's the cold that I don't like.

If there was someway to make a snow like substance that fell from the sky that was warm and didn't melt in the sun, I would be outside, playing in it at all times. Then again, the fact that snow is cold, gives you the excuse to drink lots of hot chocolate and spiced cider.

Till next time,
~The Big Dreamer~