Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is coming!

We've been snowed in. It started snowing Wednesday morning and has pretty much been snowing since, except a few hours at most. We have tons of snow, and although earlier I was really excited about it, now I'm getting bored of it. I still have yet to go out and play in it, so tomorrow, Lydia and I are going to spend awhile outside, sledding and building a snowman.

Seminary was canceled on Thursday and Friday, and church on Sunday was only the first hour, the rest was canceled as well.

Today I had another orthodontics appointment and had my wire changed. My braces are now red and blue, which actually looks pretty cool.

On the way home, Lydia, mom, and I were talking about Santa Clause. We were discussing who or what he is. My point of view is that Santa/St. Nick/Chris Kringle is real, but not in the same sense as most children believe. Santa isn't a guy in a red suit with a ton of elves who lives at the North Pole. No, Santa is more of a Spirit. He's the Spirit of Giving. He visits every house each Christmas, bringing along a feeling of happiness and joy. It is the parent's job to give the gifts, but if they aren't able to give the gifts under the tree, then the Spirit of Giving usually comes and those unfortunate people are given a good Christmas in other ways, by other people.

A friend of Lydia, Ann, brought up the idea that one of the three Nephites or his other apostle that was made immortal is Santa Clause, since they were left on Earth to teach the people. It fits, kind of.

On another note, we decided today that we needed to name our car. We have only had one vehicle that we named, and that was our ford, explorer, which we called 'The Exploder' because it always exploded. So, we named our car. since it works well in the snow, we called it 'The Snow Meister' or 'SM' for short. Yes, we're weird for naming our car. Get over it.

I just realized yesterday, that Christmas is Thursday. It doesn't really seem like it's that close. I guess I've just been busy.

That's it,
~The Big Dreamer~