Monday, August 10, 2009

Treasure Hunt and Thoughts About Writing

Today was interesting. Mom and dad hid a can when then went on their walk this morning and Lydia and I were sent to find it using the GPS. It was fun. We found it after only a few minutes of searching but then we hung around the cabin for awhile.

Simba, Lily, and Sandy had followed us down to the driveway, so they were exploring the area. Simba was pretty freaked out, though, because that is out of his territory.

Lydia was talking about how when she moves out she should move into the cabin, just put electricity, carpet, and furniture in and it would be great for a one person apartment. She said she was even willing to pay mom and dad rent. She thinks that there's a great meadow behind it for a horse even.

I think it would take a lot more work than she's thinking but whatever suits her.

I've been thinking that since my 'Marauders reading...' story got taken off of, I'm going to post it up in blog form so that the author of the story that the marauders are reading actually gets to read the finished thing. I think she'd like that since she was pretty disappointed when it had to be taken down.

I had the story half written too, thirty chapters of story, which is by far my longest story, even if most of it wasn't even mine, but still.

I'm surprised Lost is still coming along as well as it is. I've written at least a chapter a day for the last week, which is more than I've worked on any story. Hopefully, I can keep it going and finish this one.

It's been a year since I first had the idea of my Haley Potter fanfiction, and I'm only three chapters into it. It's kind of sad. I had it written up to third year at one point, but then decided that it needed to be rewritten. I have a lot of scenes written for it, but they're all later scenes. I have years four through seven planned out nearly completely. I just have to get years one through three written and it'll flow perfectly how I want it.

I had another fanfiction that was completely written, all the way up to seventh year and beyond, but then I changed a detail in the very first chapter and it ruined the whole story so I had to rewrite the whole thing.

I really should attempt to pre-write before I actually start a story so things like that don't happen.

I have a sort of pre-write for Lost, but I've changed so many things that it's pretty much worthless now, I hope I don't end up having to rewrite the whole thing.

I had a plot-bunny attack awhile back and wrote a whole bunch of ideas down, or perhaps wrote just the first chapter, and then never got back to them. Now I can't remember what the brilliant idea was. It's sad when a good idea for a story just gets abandoned because you forget it.

Then again, Lost has been wandering my brain collecting dust since fourth grade and it's finally being written. I guess it just takes time to process everything I want to include in the story to actually get it written. Or perhaps enough motivation to actually get what I want down on paper...

Anyway, that's all,