Sunday, August 16, 2009

Daddy/ Daughter Campout

Early Friday morning, dad, Lydia, and I went up to Skookum for the daddy/daughter campout. We arrived there around 11:00 to reserve the camp and set up the signs and then we went geocaching.

When we went to find the geocache, we parked at the bottom of a hill and hiked up through harsh brush. When we got nearly to the top of the hill, we found another road that we could have parked on. I decided not to go on when I saw the last stretch since it was so steep.

I waited for dad while he climbed up to search for the cache. He didn't find it. Coming back down later, we made our way down the hill, following the road. On our way down, it started pouring. It was freezing, so we decided not to find the other ones. Altogether, I've decided that the cache was definitely the worst cache ever.

We got back to camp and the others soon arrived. We had chili dogs for dinner and sat around the campfire to dry off.

That night was freezing. I think part of the problem was that we were all wet from the rain that fell.

The next day, it was dry most of the time. Dad and I took three of the younger girls around the lake to find a geocache. We found this one.

Before most people left, we had a shoot off with a BB gun. I got second place with a time of 21.12 seconds to knock over four cans. The person who got first was only half a second faster than me.

After we packed up and left, we went geocaching again. These both involved a bunch of hiking. The second one dad and I hiked up was exhausting, and it started to rain as we hiked up the road.

On top of the mountain, we found patches of snow, and it was raining more slush than actual water.

I found the geocache by chance and it was full of smokey the bear stuff. There was one amusing thing though. The geocache had a small bag of marbles and on the bag there was a note that said "For those who have lost their marbles". It was pretty funny since with all the hiking up in the rain and looking for the well hidden geocache, a person could easily loose their marbles.

In other news, in the past week, I have seen a total of five rainbows, one a double rainbow. I wonder if that is significant in some way?

We had the potluck at our house this month and we had steak. It was really good, especially since I've been craving steak since Friday night when we had some streak roasted over the campfire. That streak was better than I expected and I think it makes a much better roasting expereince than marshmallows or hotdogs.