Friday, August 7, 2009

So Much Stuff

It has been a LONG time since I last posted. Whoops, I got so busy, I didn't even think about it.

Anyway, a lot has happened. MusicFest, the piano recital, school getting out, the family reunion, girls camp, tons of kittens being born, etc.

Let's go down the list. MusicFest was...exciting. I've done it once, though, I'm never doing it again! I got a silver medal in one class I did...but then again, there was only two of us in the class, so I still lost, but it's nice to have a medal.

The piano recital, I messed up my song completely, but nobody could tell.

School getting out, really nice. I have a lot of free time now.

The family reunion was great. I spent a lot of time geocaching with dad. We found every one of those geocaches, and I get to brag that I found the very first one we ever found. That was pretty cool.

Girls camp was a lot of fun. The canoe trip was exciting. Kati and I were the only people to tip our canoe...and we tipped it 20 yards away from the starting dock. Then, our canoe was leaking. Oh, and I got hit in the head by a flying watermelon. Yep.

We have too many kittens to count right now. I'm thinking we really have to get rid of some. Although I'm attached to the older ones now, the younger ones can go. Except one. He's all black and we named him Voldemort. He needs to stay to rule over the rest of the kittens. Haha.

I recently got really pumped up about my story I've been attempting to write for about three months now. I wrote 53 pages in 3 days and now the story is 53 pages long. Yea, I hadn't gotten very far before, but now it's looking great! It already has nine chapters, and I'm just barely getting into the plot. I'm thinking that it is going to be a long book since I have a lot planned for the plot.

I started reading a horror novel. I got four chapters in and had to stop reading because it was creeping me out, but then again, it was the middle of the night so you can't really blame me.

Lydia's birthday was today. We went into town and watched "Aliens in the Attic." It was pretty cute and funny but I found it kind of disturbing how half the time there was a police man in the house talking to the parents, and they never suspected something big like an alien invasion was going on in their attic. Seriously, the little girl even told them it was happening, and they didn't believe her at all. Crazyness, I tell you.

Wow, it's almost Saturday. I should stop writing and go to bed, but I won't because there is still a lot to say.

I posted up another Harry Potter fanfic today. I found it in one of my old notebooks and thought it was pretty good. I have no idea where I'm going with it though, since the idea I started with has seemingly slipped from my mind. It should be interesting just going with the flow with no real ideas but all well, I seem to do that a lot.

I think I've practiced the piano maybe four times since school ended. It's sad and I'm really itching to go play the piano, but I don't want to start anything new and the only songs I know are the ones I've been playing for musicfest, which means mom and Lydia, and even me, are throughly annoyed with them. Once school starts up again, I'll probably practice more often, even though I'm not going to have a teacher.

So, in the last post I mentioned something about joining Student Council. I really got into it with writing the school constitution and everything. It was exciting and I even got a trip to Ellensburg out of it.

I joined the Key Club. It's starting new at WAVA next year and I signed up to be one of the starting members. The meetings for it have been going on since the first week of July and I haven't attended a single meeting. I always miss them for one reason or another, but I did vote on the presidency and stuff. I really need to start going to those meetings...

I think I'm just rambling now, but that's okay because there's really nothing else to do...except sleep. It is pretty much midnight.

Okay, more about girl's camp then. (Sorry, kind of talking to myself there...or typing to myself?) Since I arrived there halfway through the second day, I missed the exciting happenings of the first night. I heard some strange things went on. Something about a girl eating a moth and freaking out another girl who peed her pants? It sounded crazy. The rest of the week was about the same crazyness level. Since the theme was indians, each ward made totem poles. Our was made of duck tape (my idea, haha) because it was the only way we could think to make it.

I'm totally excited about being a YCL next year at camp. I want to be a fourth year YCL, so I can go on the canoe trip again. Unless, of course, they decide not to do it at Camp Neighborly since there was a lot of talk about changing the location.

I wonder if anyone is actually still reading this, or if they all stopped a long time ago...hmm, I should probably stop writing then.

Farewell till next time,