Sunday, August 9, 2009

A New Language!

I just found this language I had invented saved on my computer from awhile ago. It isn't really a new language, more of a code, but when you type it out, it does look like a whole different language, and I think it might be possible to speak as well...

1. Take any two syllable word.
2. Take the first syllable and put it at the end.
3. Next, add an -re to the end of the new word. That is two syllable words.
4. A one syllable word...
5. Write the word backwards.
6. Add an -as to the end. That is one syllable words.
7. Take a three or more syllable word.
8. Take the first syllable and put it at the end.
9. Add -asi to the end. That is three or more syllable words.

1. Tiger
2. Gerti
3. Gertire
4. Same
5. Emas
6. Emasas
7. Animal
8. Imalan
9. Imalanasi

1. Names don't change.
2. There are no double vowels. If there is, take it out (except in names).

Let's try it out...

Osas, tahwas odas uoyas knihtas foas ymas edocas? Erehas sias as domranre tencesenre tahtas sias nas cellantexasi amplexasi foas llas eerhtas epytas foas drowas. Ecnoas uoyas tegas ehtas gnahas foas tias, tias sias tuallyacasi typretre plesimre.

You definitely wouldn't be able to translate that without knowing how.