Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy Week

So, this week is finals. I've been studying so hard and it's driving me nuts! Tomorrow is my birthday, but there's no break. I have my English final that day. That one is going to be long and exhausting for me.

It's funny, while I was taking the review today in English, I kept getting things wrong, because I was thinking of Spanish while doing it. It's not a good thing to be taking two languages at a time, even if one is your first language.

Sister Payne, my Mia Maids leader, took me and Meagan out to breakfast last Saturday for a planning meeting. We didn't actually get much planning done though. After we ate, we went across the street and she paid for us to get manicures. That was pretty cool. On the way home we got milkshakes.

The day after, Sunday, at church, Kati showed up with a fractured wrist. She had gone snow boarding instead of attending the planning meeting. I just kind of thought of something to do with that. When you attend what your supposed to attend, you get rewards, but when you do something else, bad things can happen. I just thought that fit with what happened, even though I do feel sorry for Kati breaking her arm. She's going to miss out on several things that she wants to do.

Oh, but I found out that Sister Payne and her family is moving back to California. I just found out this morning and they are moving Friday. It seems like they are trying to get away without any attention or something.

Okay, my website is up and running. The link is Make sure you spell that right. I've changed it quite a bit and I love it now.

Alright, that's it,
~The Big Dreamer~