Monday, January 19, 2009

New Stories

Wow, it's been a long time since I last posted. Not a lot has happened though.

In mutual, I started knitting a scarf. It's made of yarn that is blue and green. It'll look interesting when it's finished, if it ever does get finished. I don't have very much time when I can be knitting, so it'll take a while to get finished.

Schoolwork is going much better. I have an A in Spanish at the moment. Funny enough, I have a B in English. Is it weird that I'm better at Spanish than English? Because English is the language I learned first and all, it should probably be better.

I received one on the two pieces that I'm might be playing for music fest. It's a little weird and I'm having some trouble with it. Good thing it's not the piece I am assigned to play. I can always exchange it for one that is better for me.

I've written several Harry Potter Fanfiction One shots. One is about Crookshanks, Hermione's cat, and his view of their third year at Hogwarts. I also wrote one, by the request of Lydia, about Harry getting abducted by aliens. There's also one, when I was in a crazy mood, about oompa loompas attacking Hogwarts. And then the last one I wrote, is about writer's block, because I had writer's block so I came up with something crazy. In fact, I still have writer's block. I write stories such as the before listed when I get writer's block and can't work on my main stories. I've tried everything to get back into the stories, but nothing will come to me! It's frustrating.

I finally got Inkdeath, the third Inkheart book, at the library and I'm currently enjoying it, when I have the time to read anyway. I've spent a lot of time lately just working on schoolwork and trying to work on my stories.

Semester finals are coming up for me, next week. Mostly all my school work right now is reviewing. It's getting pretty annoying. I can't wait until the tests are over and I'll be into next semester's classes. For electives I'll be taking two of these four: Journalism, photography, video graphics, or personal finance. The personal finance isn't really one I want to take, but mom made me sign up for it, so if I get it, I get it.

I guess that's it for now,
~The Big Dreamer~