Monday, January 17, 2011


Prompt: How are you interesting?

I'm probably not. I suppose some people may find my writing interesting, though...


Life has generally been boring, lately. It's a new year, but despite this, things just keep chugging right along.

I finished one of my writing projects yesterday, which was nice. It was just a short fanfic that only ended up to be around 4500 words. Still, it's one project down.

Writing everyday has turned out to be easier than I expected. Sure, before I wrote a lot, but not every day. Thinking back on it, I didn't actually get a lot done.

I still don't, really. I write a lot of words, but I don't get a lot done. Only in November.

I don't think 1,644 words a day is enough for me to get all of my stories down. I have my 750 daily words, then I write 750 words again, except on my second account, which is devoted entirely to writing The Innocent's Revenge. That leaves only 144 words for me to write on whichever story I feel like.

The only thing I'm progressing in is The Innocents' Revenge, in which I'm two and a half chapters ahead. And I'm still behind with that, because I haven't posted them online yet, as they aren't edited.

I definitely need to up my word count. I'm thinking of making my daily word count 2500, which gives me 1000 words beyond my two 750 word sprints. The whole point of this year is to finish my WiP's, after all.

Plus, there's NaNoWriMo, where my total goal is 150,000 in that month. 5000 words a day. I need to start working up to that point, or I'll end up failing.

This is probably the world's most boring post, but all well...