Sunday, January 2, 2011


Prompt: Which of your senses means the most to you?

My sight.


Well, it's officially 2011. My goal, like I said earlier, for this year, is to write 600,000 words throughout the year. I thought it shouldn't be too difficult, but I'm already behind. Haha, oops.

Basically, I have to write everyday, though, and I'll get it done. It will just take a little effort, really.

I have so many writing projects at the moment. I'm thinking that I need to finish them before I start anything new, but when inspiration strikes, you just can't hold it back.

My novel is so close to being finished. Then there's The Innocents' Revenge, and a bunch of other fanfics that I've started but not posted up. Plus, there are several original stories that I am in the middle of. Just finishing all of these will probably bring my word count up quite a bit.

I suppose, I also have last year's novel that I need to complete, and several of my stories that need to be edited. Editing counts toward my word count, though this blog doesn't, unfortunately.

Anyway, I guess I should get working on Imminent Pandemonium instead of wasting away my writing time writing words that really don't count...