Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spokane Stake Dance

Saturday was very fun. I got to sleep in late, which was nice. We missed the Fire Station Service Project because mom didn't want to take us, but that was okay. Around two I went to Meagan's house. I helped her write her talk for Sacrament Meeting today.

Meagan took me to the Spokane Stake dance later that night and she was very right in saying that it was so much better than the Colville Stake dances. I didn't sit down the whole dance. They guys I danced with actually talked with me instead of staring off into space. I got asked some strange questions though. Some guy, I think his name was Nathan, asked me what color my toothbrush was. It was kind of strange telling him I had two, a green and a blue. Another guy asked me what kind of toothpaste I used, and then we got into a debate about which kind was best. That was a little weird. And then there was another guy who went on and on about dirt biking...I didn't get a single word in. I think he just liked the sound of his voice, personally. Oh, and I met three guys named must be a popular name in their stake.

Anyway, everyone was dancing nearly the whole time. Despite the fact that I only knew two people at this dance, Meagan and Jake, the people were a lot more friendly and comfortable to be around than the people I do know in my own Stake.

After the dance we went back to the Kelley's. Meagan's dad had picked up Twilight while we were at the dance, so we wanted to watch that but we were so tired when we got home that we just crashed. It was around midnight though and since Meagan had a talk we didn't want to stay up too late. The dance was definitely worth being so tired today for.

Church was good, I guess. It was pretty normal. After church, we barely had time to eat dinner before me and dad left to go to Stake choir practice. After that we attended a baptism and then went to the fireside, which we got to late. Bro. Terry spoke about his mission that he just got back from. That was fun. He had a ton of pictures that he showed us.

Okay, I'm tired now so I'm gonna go to bed. Until next time,
~The Big Dreamer~