Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally, an Update!

It's been a month since I last posted but I've been busy. Starting on what has happened since February 12th...

There was the valentine's dance on February got pulled over twice during the trip there. Me and Meagan were the only girls there from our ward, which was kind of upsetting, but I got the piano music for Bella's Lullaby from one of Meagan's friends, so I've been working on that since then. It's coming along great. I've got the first two pages down pretty well. It's a beautiful song and I can't wait until it's memorized.

I started another Music Fest piece because the other one was too long. I'm still doing the other one though, so I am now working on memorizing three pieces. Well, actually one of them is memorized as of now, but the other two still have a ways to go before they are finished. One of the songs take around four or five minutes to play and is a Sonatina, so it is like completely different rhythms and stuff during the song. There are no patterns to help memorize or anything. That'll be my hardest to memorize.

School is definitely in full swing again, and I'm already sick of it once more. My grades are still pretty good though, nothing below a B. In Biology I have a grade of 102.95% right now which is an A+...I'm pretty excited about that. I'm attending regular elluminate for each class per week, except PE class.

Last Sunday the Mia Maids finally got a new YW women. Sis. Wood. She seems like she'll be a lot of fun. At mutual, we kind of got to know her a little and she seems like a person who'll do a lot of outdoor activities; camping, hiking, stuff like that. It should be fun.

Snow has been falling rapidly here and is not melting very fast. I was hoping that Spring was almost here...

I've started putting more of an effort into actually working on my stories instead of just starting new ones, so there is some definite improvement on the length of several of the stories that I've been working on.

I finished cleaning my room awhile ago, and its already messy again...but not so bad that it'll take days to get clean again, like it was before. I need to organize the room though, as it is very cluttered in other ways then just on the floor.

Seminary is going great, as usual. We're working through 1st Corinthians right now. There wasn't any Seminary today, as Riverside decided not to have school today.

Oh, I joined the debate club, but mostly just because Mrs. Pleasant is the club leader, and also the WAVA newspaper. I'm the advice guru for that. Well, actually, I'm paired with this other girl, Morgan, who is awesome. The newspaper is coming out for the first time on Monday and I'm super excited for that.

There's another dance tomorrow night, and I invited several friends that aren't members but that I knew from ISP. That should be fun. I haven't talked to them face to face for several years, but we kept in contact through email and now through facebook, so its all good. It'll be interesting seeing them again after so long though.

I'll try not to be so long next time. Until then,

~The Big Dreamer~