Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Short Post

Prompt: Do you work too much?

If writing counts as my work...yeah, probably. Who cares, though. I enjoy it.


I suppose it's about time I updated my blog, not that anything new has really happened.

I've been writing a lot, as usual, but my daily word count is still fluctuating. Yesterday, I wrote only 500 words. Today, I made up yesterday's word count, wrote all of today's words, and then went on and wrote most of tomorrow's words. I like days like today.

I made Mexican Lasagna for dinner. It was good. Crunchy, but good.

I think I'm going to participate in Script Frenzy, though I'm still not completely sure. If I do, I'm debating between a comic book, which Lydia wants me to do, or a screenplay, which I attempted last year. I actually have some ideas for a screenplay, and none for a comic book. The comic book, however, Lydia could illustrate and then publish on Deviant Art, if it's good enough. The screenplay would just sit on a file in my laptop collecting dust. I don't know yet though. I still have almost a month to decide and plot for it.

We went to see The Music Man, a CYT production on Friday. It was boring, I thought. Lydia said she really didn't understand most of it, because some of the people spoke too fast.

I think it's pretty much everything, so this post will be short, I guess.