Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thoughts About Motivation

Prompt: What's your favorite thing you love to waste time with right now? A guilty pleasure?

The Wii. The last week or so, I haven't been writing at all. Instead, I've been playing the Wii. Bad me. Tsk tsk..


So, the WAVA student ambassadors challenged the entire student body to have passing grades in every one of their classes before Spring Break. I agreed to it because, at the time, I had three failing classes (yikes!). It made me wonder, though, just how many of my classmates are also failing their classes. If that challenge is going out to the entire school, then obviously, there are a lot of us. At the moment, I'm only failing Psychology (only because it makes me think too hard), but even now that grade is quickly going up and I know I will be passing it again by Spring Break. My other classes grades are going up too, even though they are all at passing grades.

So, this whole thing made me wonder about WAVA, and why it is the way it is. It's difficult, that's for sure, and seemingly, a lot of people can easily slip into failing their classes if they aren't careful. Then, with just one simple kmail, grades started flying upwards everywhere, I bet.

I think it's a matter of motivation. At this point in the school year, all the students are just dying for a good long break. We're passed caring about our classes and our grades and just want to be done. Then, they give us a goal to work towards. 'Be passing all your classes by Spring Break, so we can all relax together,' (except the teachers, who will be too busy grading all the make-up work). We have a goal that seems attainable, and so we all go for it, and things get better. After Spring Break, since we won't have had to do any make-up school all week, we'll go back to the rhythm of school and continue working and continue with passing our classes, for a few more weeks at least.

I think we need to do that in real life situations as well. Stir things up a little bit and break through the routine. It'll give people something extra to work for and things will be done better for some time rather than getting sloppier and sloppier with each passing day.

Set a goal that is easily attainable, but that you might have to work a little harder than you are now to achieve, and then go for it. I bet if everyone did that this world would improve enormously because everything would have better quality.

Well, there's this month's attempt to save the world. I'm going to go write now. See ya! ;)