Saturday, October 23, 2010

Driving Adventures

Whenever someone suggested that I drive somewhere myself, I always said, "I'll get lost, I guarantee it." Well, turns out I was right. See, I supposed to drive to Ginanne's house, then with them, go to the NaNo Kick-Off Party, then back to their house, and then back home. Sounds simple, yes?

Not so.

You see, I knew the way mostly to Ginanne's house, but I got lost at the very end. I ended up wandering Ginanne's neighborhood for about ten minutes, searching for her street, before Lydia remembered we had the GPS. Lydia turned it on and led me to Ginanne's street. Still, it took us three tries to find her house on her street, because we didn't recognize it with the Halloween decorations.

We picked up Ginanne and Jordan, and I drove us to the Associated Industries building, where the party was being held.

The party itself was fun. We started by folding origami "plot bunnies". The ML said to be careful not to make too many, or they might multiply, and it's definitely a problem when you have way too many plot bunnies, because they start creating plot holes. :)

Next, we ate. Well, I stuffed myself. It was a potluck with a ton of great food.

After eating, we all worked on a collage, showing a glimpse of each of our novels. It was interesting trying to search for pictures that might represent my novel in magazines.

Then, we went back to Ginanne's house, and Lydia and I went on our way. Unfortunately, I made a wrong turn and ended up somewhere that I had no idea where I was. Suddenly, I found myself at a stop light at a familiar road. Division. "That'll take me home," I said.

It was a one-way street.

It wasn't until I saw the sign saying, "Welcome to Oregon" that I knew we were going the wrong way on Division. (Okay, okay, I'm exaggerating...does Division even take you to Oregon?)

I turned off and spent about twenty minutes wandering around, trying to find a way to cross Division and get to it's counterpart, heading the opposite way. At one point, I made a U-turn in a parking lot while a cop watched on. I was hoping at the time that  he wouldn't stop me and question what the flip I was doing, but looking back, he probably could have given us directions.

Finally, we found a way to cross Division and turned left onto Ruby. We followed that back in the direction home was.

It was crazy how far into Spokane we had managed to get as I started to see familiar landmarks.

Then, we were on the Newport highway, heading home in the RIGHT direction. It was foggy out, and very secluded, and in the times that you could see the sky, it was very cloudy and the moon was full, or very close to being full. The setting kind of reminded me of a horror story. O_O

We did arrive home in safety, though, and nothing too dramatic happened.

So, I got lost driving a route that I've drive quite a few times, and isn't all that hard, really. Now, imagine what'll happen when I drive to Colville for a Stake Dance. I could end up in Canada. Lydia says she doesn't mind though. She wants to see a polar bear. XD