Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolution and Other Things

My resolution for this year is that I'll try to update my blog at least once a week for the entire year. Since resolutions are basically made to break, though, it probably won't happen, but we'll see how long it goes on anyway.

So, the last time I posted was November nineteenth, and I was right in the middle of NaNoWriMo. Well, now it's January and a whole new year, not to mention decade, and I'm still writing crazily.

There's a BYU writing contest going on right now, which I'm trying to make a great entry for that. A short story (between 1000-4000 words) should be so easy after NaNoWriMo, but I had writer's block for a time least on this project anyway. I think I have the basic plot line all planned out though, and now I just have to actually finish writing it, without going over the word limit.

Also, I was randomly looking at my stats for my fanfictions and out of the blue I saw that I had over 25,000 hits for one of my fics that I didn't really think was all that good. Of course, I guess it's popular because it is an original plot, unlike a lot of fanfiction stories. By now, probably, there are others like it, but my was the original, so it's the best, no matter how horrible it is. On that note, I am rewriting it, finally. I've already gotten the first few chapters written out and it is going to be much longer than the first copy. I just hope my fans like the new version as much as they liked the old one.

It's almost sad how popular fanfiction is. The one time I write a fanfiction longer than three chapters, lots of people read it and some people review, even though it is not very good. An original story I'm posting on fanfiction's sister site, fictionpress, has like ten chapters so far and only 16 people have read it, and then they've only read the first chapter. Only one person has read to the fifth chapter, and then nobody has read further. Oh well, at least I am getting feedback on one of my stories that some people like, even if it isn't original.

The last thing I'm working on is editing Involuntary Notions, which is proving to be annoying. 125 pages riddled with mistakes and things I need to change is taking forever to edit. Actually, I printed a copy off and I am almost to the end of that. Now I just need to go back over that and translate all the edits to the copy on the computer. Plus, I plan to add several new scenes and change around several things. I might even delete a whole character. I was planning on killing her off in the book anyway, it just never happened, and she really isn't needed. She was just there to give me some extra scenes to boost my word count.

On a whole different subject, I really need to get back in the habit of practicing the piano daily. I stopped for Thanksgiving Break and haven't practiced even once since. Considering that I'm playing in church next Sunday, I really should get some practicing in this week.

Anyway, in photography class, I once again managed to get extra credit on a project, just because she liked it so much. I'm starting to wonder if she gives extra credit like this to everyone, or she just likes me. Seriously, I have gotten 20.5 points of extra credit so far. Not to mention that she has used five of my ten projects as examples and shown them off to the class. NOT that I'm complaining. It's because of this that my photography grade has stayed above 100% the whole year and also brought my grade average up, which is definitely a good thing right now.

One of my interesting plots that will likely fall through before it even really gets started is an idea I had for a fanfiction several months ago but just tucked away, thinking it was impossible. But since I am now the proud owner of the complete Harry Potter series and the Twilight Saga, I think it might actually work. See, my idea was to write a five series crossover. Twilight, Harry Potter, Pendragon, Inkheart, and Eragon all put together in one huge fic. Of course, it could be very much impossible. But I have a plan and a vague idea of how they could all fit together. There are tiny things in each book that could make them work.

The Inkheart series: The main character - Meggie - can read things and people in and out of books just by reading the book aloud. This is very good for getting a lot of characters in different books together.

Another: in Eclipse - or was it New Moon? Anyway, Bella says something about Angela being a witch, jokingly of course, but what if it was true? And, in the last book, someone from the Volturi (Aro maybe?) mentions something about the type of werewolves that are in Harry Potter existing, if being nearly extinct. This connects Harry Potter and Twilight, making them be able to belong to the same world.

Lastly, Pendragon is all about crossing to different times and dimensions, so it can fit in there with the others, just fine.

This just leaves The Inheritance Series to figure out, but I have a sort of idea for that too...Anyway, that's my crazy plan, and we'll just have to wait and see if it is actually possibly to combine five series (my favorites) into one comprehensible story. I really hope it is, because it would be very cool.

So, on to other things now. Like geocaching. I have almost 100 finds now. Almost. I'm at 98 right now. If I was a premium member, I'd be at 103, but I'm not, so they don't count, unfortunately. I also have that new cache to hide that Ginanne gave me, but I'm not sure when to do that, since I still need to make it, plus I have no idea where to hide it at.

I guess that's all,