Monday, January 11, 2010

Dream and Other Things

My photography teacher is very awesome, as I'm sure I've said before, but it is true. She gave me 3.5 extra credit points just because she liked my last project. I quote "This is the best yet!" and "This one is GREAT. Love it! No one presented their planet and flare at like this. Can I use it as an example?" Seriously, I think she is a little over the top, but whatever. This semester, she has given me a total of 43.5 extra credit points when the most extra credit points I was supposed to be able to get is 22. Almost DOUBLE! Does that sound like favorism to you? Unless she does it to everyone, which I'm really not sure of...I should find someone and ask.

Anyway, on to other things, I just had to marvel about that for a moment.

So, the dream I had on Saturday night was most peculiar. It was only about a five minute scene, with nothing else going on. It started out with me on a floating boat, kind of like an ark. It was hovering about three feet off of a wintry landscape. A woman, dressed like an Indian chief was talking about the history of the land and passing out colorful feathers. In the dream, I was bored, so I tuned her out and looked around. 

At the rear of the boat, an old man with a short white beard and a balding head, was cackling excitedly, holding up a blow torch which was spouting out flames. In the dream, it seemed like I knew this was a regular occurance, so it didn't even register how unusual that is.

Looking around further, I found that I was surrounded by a group of kids ranging from the age of 2 - 10, all looking bored at the Indian woman's talking as well. 

I faintly recognized that Lydia was sitting beside me, looking bored as well, and then I woke up. 

It was a really crazy dream and it sprung from out of nowhere. I haven't even read anything even somewhat similar to something that could have brought that up. It did inspire a story, like most of the dreams I remember, which are usually the very strange ones. I'm writing a condensed version of the story for the BYU writing contest, and once both stories are done I'll decide which one I like better and send it in. I'm also going to make a longer, more detailed version of the story, though. It's going to be an end of the world type thing, I already have the outline all planned out, and I can't wait to start.

Meanwhile, I am getting my braces off in like two and a half days, I'm pretty excited for that as well, although, it is going to be weird not having braces after a year and a half.

Anyway, this is long enough,