Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Digital Camera and ASB

Hmm...thirty-seven days? And I was trying to post regularly...all well. 

I bought a digital camera last week. I've only taken a few photos with it, nothing of real importance or anything. Mostly, they've been completely random shots of random things.

Actually, I've taken a few pictures of my fish...which Lydia bought me in the last 37 days so you wouldn't know about them. Let me introduce you.

This is Bob.

And this is Baub.

And then this is Bawb.

Lydia named them...can't you tell?

Anyway, I only have the three right now, but I'll get more one of these days. 

Involuntary Notions is coming along well. I finally got past the spelling and grammar part of the editing. Now I'm on the fun part where I get to actually do some writing again. I'm rewriting scenes and such, plus adding a whole part that will hopefully add a whole bunch of words. I'm hoping to have it finished soon but it isn't going very fast since I"m writing The Brotherhood at the same time. 

At the moment though, The Brotherhood is kind of at a slow point because I've got writer's block again. I might take a break from it and work on the shorter story that Lydia wanted me to write based off of one of her dreams. It shouldn't take too long and should hopefully get rid of my writer's block.

I joined the Student Council and I'm officially the secretary. It's a good role for me, I think. I can mostly just sit back and just take notes and not have to speak in front of the group. Of course, to be able to get the position in the first place, I had to give a presentation about why I should get the position and speak in front of the whole group. Really, it wasn't so bad though. It's a whole different thing speaking in front of people when you're actually hiding behind computer screen.