Monday, February 2, 2009

Bedroom Cleaning

I worked on cleaning my room today. Notice I said worked, not completed it. Yea, I'm still only about half done with my room and I've already spent three hours on it. It looks like a construction zone since I got fed up with it and ditched it for now. I'll finish it tomorrow and Wednesday, since I have both of those days off of school as well.

So far, in my bedroom, I have found: A slinky I hadn't seen in years, two and a half loads of laundry, a bunch of school projects from when I was still in public school (they almost made me cry. I do miss all my old friends sometimes), two bags of unidentifiable goop (I think one might have been trail mix at one time because it was squishy and brown. The other was blue. Don't ask me how that came to be), four separate uncompleted decks of cards, two packets of bubble gum, three cat toys, five candy canes, two more unfinished stories, a lot of broken toys, and a ton of garbage. That is only about half the stuff in my room that I've attempted to pick up. How did my room get that messy without me knowing?

Anyway, my room is going to look better than it ever has before once I'm finished with it. The closet will finally be cleaned out completely(I don't think that's happened since I was a toddler), the walls will be decorated (maybe I can get mom to repaint them a better color than they are now) the room will be organized and neat. Then, I'm going to see how long it will stay that way. I'm guessing a month, at the very most.

Anyway, me and my very unorganized self are going to sign out.
See ya,
~The Big Dreamer~