Monday, May 20, 2013

I Don't Get It

There are some things I just don't get in life. Why cats can be perfectly cuddly one second and then killing your hand moments later is one of them. Another is why some English words are spelled the way they are.

But I am troubled with something bigger right now.

I recently went to see the movie "42". It is a true story set back in the 1940s, about Jackie Robinson, a black baseball player who plays on an all white baseball team.

In the movie, Jackie Robinson is treated despicably simply because he is black.

That's what I don't get.

How can anyone think it's okay to treat another human with so much disrespect or even downright cruelty  simply because of the color of their skin? How did so much prejudice and racism exist? And how does it still exist today?

Yes, people are different. There are so many different races, religions, gender attractions, ages, IQs, hair colors, body types, and tons of other things that make us each different. It's one thing to have an opinion on a certain type of person, but an entirely other thing to be cruel or rude to them.

It's not right, yet people do it all the time. I just don't get why. Don't they realize that they're tearing down another person?

Maybe I'm just slightly naive about the world, but I can't fathom ever being so rude to anyone for any reason, no matter how much I disagree with them.