Friday, September 16, 2011

Reflections of Sunlight

Every morning as I drive home from Seminary, or at least in the Autumn and Spring months, the sun, having just risen, is usually just above the horizon, causing a glare on the windshield that prevents me from seeing hazards in the road very well. The deer are usually out this time of the morning, creating more dangers. This morning, there was even the added hazard of the body of a dog in the road, already hit, that I had to avoid.

At one particular part of the trip home, there is this corner that is dangerous if you go around it too fast, even in the best of conditions (actually, there are several of those, but this is the worst, in my opinion). That corner is especially dangerous because right then, the sun peaks above the hill and casts a glare on the windshield, so I can't see out at all. When I was just beginning to drive, this freaked me out a lot. How would I know where to go if I couldn't see the road?

Eventually, though, I had to get through it. I had to have the faith that the road wouldn't suddenly disappear from under my wheels and I'd run off into the ditch.

Now, after many days and months driving around that corner through the blinding sunlight, and in worse conditions, I worry less (though I still worry, because seriously, I can't see!). I know that if I just keep going straight, the sunlight will disappear right as I get to the beginning of the corner, so I can see to turn it safely.

This morning, I found it particularly symbolic for me for some reason. It reminds me of the trials that we go through. I start the trip at one safe place (the church) and end at a safe place (home). In between, I face many dangers, some worse than others, and I have to figure out how to get through them without hurting myself and others that may be in the vehicle. It's the same way with life. Before birth and after death, we're safe. In between, we have to face trials though out the entire thing. Some of them, we can avoid easily enough, and get over, forgetting them fairly easily. Others, though, like this corner, are more difficult. You have to have faith that you'll get through it safely. Though at the moment, you're blinded and can't see where you're going, or where life may take you, you can make it through, if you take precautions and just keep working through it. You just have to have faith everything will turn out right.