Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trolls, Leeches, and Pink Zombie/Vampire/Unicorn/Pony Horses

This weekend, I went to the annual Daddy/Daughter Camp Out.

We arrived at camp and found that another group of LDS people had taken our usual spot, so we chose a spot next to them. We found a troll sitting on the table and were told that we were only allowed to camp there if we left him there when we left. We agreed and reserved the spot.

We ate a lunch consisting of hot dogs, then went geocaching. We found six caches.

After we came back to camp we just hung out with the other people who had arrived until Brother Romero got there with dinner at six. he cooked us all hamburgers and we had several salads and chips with it.

After dinner, a fire was built and marshmallows were roasted while we sat around talking. I brought out my deck of cards and Cati, Lydia, and I played some card games.

Soon after night fell, another family showed up and all the dads went to help set up their camp. The daughters stayed around the campfire and played a game where you tell a story a sentence at a time with each person adding to it. It started out with a girl named Elinor who lived in a castle and had a pony but ended up being about a Zombie/Vampire/Unicorn/Pony horse who was killed by its Zombie owner. After scaring each other a few more times, and a few jokes being told, we went to bed.

The next morning, I got up and sat around while waiting for breakfast. The neighbor's dog, Sox, came over for a visit a few times.

For breakfast, we had breakfast burritos.

After breakfast, marshmallows were roasted again and some of the girls went swimming while I just stayed by the fire.

Most of the group went on a hike around the lake, but Cati, Lydia, and I stayed back. While they were gone, we had a visitor to camp. A squirrel came and we fed it potato chips.

After the hikers got back, everyone started to pack up and leave. Several girls went swimming and Cassie came back with a leech on her back. It was promptly removed.

Before we left, Cati started burning our plastic cups into creative shapes. All the girls who were still there got one as a souvenir.

The camp out was officially over, and we all headed home, leaving the camp troll behind.